The Coolest Inventions of 2019

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A lot of cool things were invented in 2019. From talking hearing aids to visual-music production kits for kids, 2019 was a fantastic year for creative and technological innovation.

In this article, we’ll briefly outline some of the coolest inventions that hit the shelves in 2019.

Watergen GENNY

As human beings, water is paramount. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t have access to clean water.

Enter GENNY, a device that looks like nothing more than a humble water cooler. GENNY, however, is able to draw moisture out of the air, filter it, and turn it into drinkable water.

A single unit – which can be powered by solar energy- can produce as much as 7 gallons of water daily.

Roybi Robot, the AI Teacher

Roybi Robot looks cute and innocent, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that this piece of technology isn’t holding onto some powerful technology. The small robot, which as developed to help young children learn language, uses AI technology to help tailor lessons to each child’s development and learning style.


ECOncrete is a construction design technique that attempts to mimic nature in order to limit the disruption caused by urban development in coastal communities.

The technique, known as biomimicry, recaptures the shapes and textures of nature in the region where construction is taking place. This reduces damage to marine ecosystems.

Eight Sleep Pod

Pod is one of the world’s most advanced ‘smart mattresses.’ The mattress, which uses water channels, helps to regulate your body temperature during your night. It adjusts a variety of settings to help encourage deep, healthy REM sleep.

By taking data while you sleep, Pod actually produces data that it uses to develop a ‘sleep profile,’ which it then uses to help improve your overall sleep experience.

Minecraft Earth

Taking the premise of augmented reality a step further than Pokemon Go ever could, Minecraft Earth is changing the way that people see gaming. Minecraft Earth allows people to create digital structures and leave them in an augmented world for other players to see.

Minecraft Earth has, in a sense, created an entirely new world that exists superimposed over our own. The catch? You can only see it through a smartphone.

AIR-INK by Graviky Labs

A lot of companies are working to recycle plastic and styrofoam in innovative ways, but Graviky Labs is one of the leading companies working on recycling air pollution.

The company has figured out a way to help capture the unhealthy particulate matter from certain types of pollution, condense it, and turn it into ink that can be used for writing, stamping, drawing, and other tasks.

Theranica Nerivio

If you struggle with chronic migraines or headaches, then Theranica has a solution for you.

When you feel the onset of a migraine, you can equip the Nerivio device on your arm. The Nerivio is calibrated to work with a certain biological rhythm, or wavelength, that is involved with the regulation and perception of pain.

You can get one of these unique devices with the prescription of a doctor, but they’re only available at certain pharmacies.

Written by Nigel Ford

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