The Tool That Live-Translates Any Language

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As humans, we have a strong desire to communicate with other people. Whether that desire is personal – we want to form friendships, intimate relationships, etc – business-related, or something else entirely, we all need to understand how to communicate.

One of the biggest difficulties we face in the global age is the language barrier. If we’re trying to forge a business deal or build a relationship with someone who barely speaks our language, it can be very difficult if not impossible.

For years, the best option that we had was to hire a personal translator or use a translating dictionary. Both of these choices have their own set of difficulties. In more recent years, we’ve been able to use text-based electronic translation devices.

Now, however, it’s easier than ever to bridge the language gap. All you need to do is use Google Assistant’s interpreter mode and you’ll be able to live-translate nearly any language on the planet.

Hey, Google!

If you’ve already got Google Assistant, and it’s updated, then chances are you’re already linked up to Google Translate. All you need to do to activate interpreter mode is say “Hey, Google, help me speak German (or whatever other language you’re hoping to translate).”

On its release, Google Assistant’s interpreter was ready to translate 44 languages in real-time. It can listen to anyone speaking and translate their speech into the desired language before reading it out loud.

After this, you can then have someone respond. Google will listen, translate, and repeat back in the original language.

If you’ve ever received a text message “wall” of several non-separated paragraphs, you understand how difficult it can be to absorb chunks of extraneous information. This problem would, naturally, be compounded if you were trying to communicate with someone verbally.

Fortunately, Interpreter Mode has a failsafe to prevent this from happening. One of the most user-friendly components of Interpreter Mode is the way that it reads out messages block-by-block. Just like smaller, broken-up text messages are easy to read, shorter segments of speech are easier to comprehend.

Interpreter Mode also lets you take advantage of Smart Replies. By analyzing the contents of your conversation, the app will suggest responses that may be suitable for the conversation. Then, instead of having to speak and wait for the translator to work, you can simply click on a Smart Reply which will automatically be translated to whoever you’re speaking with.

Available Now on Smartphones

Google Assistant’s interpreter mode has been available for some time on Google Home smart speakers and displays.

In December of 2019, however, Google made its app available for users of iOS and Android. This means that you’re now able to carry this incredible live-translator with you anywhere that you go.

Gone are the days of flipping through language dictionaries or fiddling with awkward text-based translators. Now, Google Assistant can help you communicate with people from any major country with nothing more than the push of a button.

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