How Many Countries are there in Europe? Here’s an Entire List

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How Many Countries are there in Europe?

Europe is one of the most beautiful continents in the world, with a variety of countries and cultures in its fold. There are 50 countries in Europe, each with its own language, currency, and varied culture.

We must build a kind of United States of Europe. In this way only, will hundreds of millions of toilers be able to regain the simple joys and hopes which make life worth living.
– Winston Churchill, University of Zurich, Switzerland (1946)

Europe, the world’s second smallest continent, rose to global prominence during the 15th century, courtesy the British, Dutch, French and Portuguese colonization of many regions across Asia and Africa. The fact that both the World Wars were focused on Europe, were largely fought in Europe, and ended up denting Europe’s global image and power, is testimony of how powerful Europe once was.

Europe still continues to be a mini-power in itself. Despite global recession triggering off major panic in countries like Greece and Spain, Europe’s ship is balanced by wealthy and progressive economies like the United Kingdom, Germany and France. Continental integration of all countries for the common good of economy, military and general welfare, exist through various treaties like the European Union, Commonwealth of Independent States, Nordic Council, Benelux, etc., of which, the European Union is the most popular and crucial. Spread over an area of 10.18 million square kilometers (3.93 million square miles), Europe has 50 independent states, 27 of which are part of the geopolitically crucial European Union. Apart from the first 44 countries, there are a 6 other countries that are a part of Europe as well as Asia.


Capital: Tirana
Area: 11,100 sq mi
Pop.: 3,040,018
Language: Albanian
Currency: Lek


Capital: Andorra la Vella
Area: 180.55 sq mi
Pop.: 85,293
Language: Catalan
Currency: Euro


Capital: Vienna
Area: 32,377 sq mi
Pop.: 8,223,062
Language: German
Currency: Euro


Capital: Minsk
Area: 80,155 sq mi
Pop.: 9,608,058
Language: Belarusian
Currency: Belarusian Ruble


Capital: Brussels
Area: 11,787 sq mi
Pop.: 10,449,361
Language: Dutch, French
Currency: Euro

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Capital: Sarajevo
Area: 19,741 sq mi
Pop.: 3,871,643
Language: Bosnian
Currency: Convertible Mark


Capital: Sofia
Area: 42,823 sq mi
Pop.: 6,924,716
Language: Bulgarian
Currency: Lev


Capital: Zagreb
Area: 21,851 sq mi
Pop.: 4,470,534
Language: Croatian
Currency: Croatian kuna


Capital: Nicosia
Area: 3,572 sq mi
Pop.: 1,172,458
Language: Greek, Turkish
Currency: Euro

Czech Republic

Area: 30,450 sq mi
Pop.: 10,627,448
Language: Czech
Currency: Czech Koruna


Capital: Copenhagen
Area: 16,631 sq mi
Pop.: 5,556,452
Language: Danish
Currency: Danish Krone


Capital: Tallinn
Area: 17,413 sq mi
Pop.: 1,257,921
Language: Estonian
Currency: Euro


Capital: Helsinki
Area: 130,596 sq mi
Pop.: 5,268,799
Language: Finnish
Currency: Euro


Capital: Paris
Area: 260,558 sq mi
Pop.: 66,259,012
Language: French
Currency: Euro, CFP Franc


Capital: Berlin
Area: 137,847 sq mi
Pop.: 80,996,685
Language: German
Currency: Euro


Capital: Athens
Area: 50,944 sq mi
Pop.: 10,775,557
Language: Greek
Currency: Euro


Capital: Budapest
Area: 35,919 sq mi
Pop.: 9,919,128
Language: Hungarian
Currency: Forint


Capital: Reykjavik
Area: 39,770 sq mi
Pop.: 317,351
Language: Icelandic
Currency: Icelandic KrónaItaly


Capital: Rome
Area: 116,346 sq mi
Pop.: 61,680,122
Language: Italian
Currency: Euro


Capital: Riga
Area: 24,938 sq mi
Pop.: 2,165,165
Language: Latvian
Currency: Lats


Capital: Vaduz
Area: 61 sq mi
Pop.: 37,009
Language: German
Currency: Swiss Franc


Capital: Vilnius
Area: 25,174 sq mi
Pop.: 3,505,738
Language: Lithuanian
Currency: Lithuanian Litas


Capital: Luxembourg
Area: 998.6 sq mi
Pop.: 520,672
Language: Luxembourgish
Currency: Euro


Capital: Skopje
Area: 9,779 sq mi
Pop.: 2,091,719
Language: Macedonian
Currency: Macedonian Denar


Capital: Valletta
Area: 121 sq mi
Pop.: 412,655
Language: Maltese
Currency: Euro


Capital: Chişinău
Area: 13,067 sq mi
Pop.: 3,583,288
Language: Romanian
Currency: Moldovan Leu


Capital: Monaco-Ville
Area: 0.7644 sq mi
Pop.: 30,508
Language: French
Currency: Euro


Capital: Podgorica
Area: 5,019 sq mi
Pop.: 650,036
Language: Montenegrin
Currency: Euro


Capital: Amsterdam
Area: 16,039 sq mi
Pop.: 16,877,351
Language: Dutch
Currency: Euro, US Dollar


Capital: Oslo
Area: 148,746 sq mi
Pop.: 5,147,792
Language: Norwegian
Currency: Norwegian Krone


Capital: Warsaw
Area: 120,696 sq mi
Pop.: 38,346,279
Language: Polish
Currency: Zloty


Capital: Lisbon
Area: 35,645 sq mi
Pop.: 10,813,834
Language: Portuguese
Currency: Euro

Republic of Ireland

Capital: Dublin
Area: 27,133 sq mi
Pop.: 4,832,765
Language: Irish, English
Currency: Euro


Capital: Bucharest
Area: 92,043 sq mi
Pop.: 21,729,871
Language: Romanian
Currency: Romanian Leu

San Marino

Capital: San Marino
Area: 24 sq mi
Pop.: 32,448
Language: Italian
Currency: Euro


Capital: Belgrade
Area: 34,116 sq mi
Pop.: 7,209,764
Language: Serbian
Currency: Serbian Dinar


Capital: Bratislava
Area: 18,932 sq mi
Pop.: 5,492,677
Language: Slovak
Currency: Euro


Capital: Ljubljana
Area: 7,827 sq mi
Pop.: 1,988,292
Language: Slovene
Currency: Euro


Capital: Madrid
Area: 195,364 sq mi
Pop.: 47,737,941
Language: Spanish
Currency: Euro


Capital: Stockholm
Area: 173,745 sq mi
Pop.: 9,723,809
Language: Swedish
Currency: Swedish Krona


Capital: Bern
Area: 15,940 sq mi
Pop.: 8,061,516
Language: German
Currency: Swiss Franc


Capital: Kiev
Area: 233,090 sq mi
Pop.: 44,291,413
Language: Ukrainian
Currency: Hryvnia

United Kingdom

Capital: London
Area: 94,060 sq mi
Pop.: 63,742,977
Language: English
Currency: Pound Sterling

Vatican City

Capital: Vatican City
Area: 0.169 sq mi
Pop.: 849
Language: Latin
Currency: Euro


Capital: Yerevan
Area: 11,484 sq mi
Pop.: 3,060,927
Language: Armenian
Currency: Dram


Capital: Baku
Area: 33,436 sq mi
Pop.: 9,686,210
Language: Azerbaijani
Currency: Manat


Capital: Tbilisi
Area: 26,911 sq mi
Pop.: 4,935,880
Language: Georgian
Currency: Lari


Capital: Astana
Area: 105,208,5 sq mi
Pop.: 17,948,816
Language: Kazakh
Currency: Tenge


Capital: Moscow
Area: 659,280,0 sq mi
Pop.: 142,470,272
Language: Russian
Currency: Ruble


Capital: Ankara
Area: 302,535 sq mi
Pop.: 81,619,392
Language: Turkish
Currency: Lira

What defines Europe? It is hard to say. It is a melting pot of many cultures, languages and religions. European countries are some of the most progressive and wealthy countries in the world. The fact that Europe itself evolves from great ancient civilizations like Greek, Roman, Ottoman, and was followed by a colonial reign of giants like the Dutch, British and French, has instilled in Europe a dominating and all-conquering spirit.

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