Online Multiplication Worksheets for All Grades

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Online Multiplication Worksheets for All Grades

My series of cool math games for kids continues with this all-in-one online multiplication worksheet for all grades. Test your math skills with these single digit, 2 digit and 3 digit multiplications.

I hope you enjoyed the online addition game for kids, that was released just few days back. As promised earlier, I am back with my next online fun interactive worksheet for kids. This online game or to be precise – set of worksheets; provides teachers, parents and the kids from all ages an opportunity to learn and improve their multiplication skills online. I have tried my best to make it simple to understand. Go ahead test it for yourself.
Steps to Follow

  1. Click on “Start” Button to activate the worksheet. By default it will start with 1 digit multiplication problems
  2. You can also choose other worksheets (2 digit or 3 digit multiplication) from the drop box available at the top.
  3. On selection, the screen will display a problem with a set of two random numbers for multiplication.
  4. The best part is that each question is provided with 3 answers to choose from.
  5. You can click on your choice from the given set of answers.
  6. It has a bubble space right across the set of answers, which will show if your selected answer is right or wrong. It prompts you to try out another problem with the ‘Next Question’ option.
  7. It also keeps the track of your scores for the selected sheet.

A X B =?

Apart from this, you also have an option to change the type of the worksheet and move to the next level easily from the drop down option. Feel free to try out all the options available. Since this online system has wide range of selection, this can be an effective teaching aid for kids right from kindergarten to initial school grades. Also senior students can test their 3 digit multiplication skills using this tool. Teachers and parents of 1st to 4th grade students should definitely bookmark this for their kids as these can be one of the ‘learn with fun activities’ in and off the school.

Since these are randomly generated set of multiplication problems, you can keep practicing online! Go ahead and give a try.

You can download this printable multiplication tables (pdf) to learn the basic multiplication skills and prepare for the next test.

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