Online Addition Worksheet with Pictures

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Online Addition Worksheet with Pictures

My series of math games for kids to play online, starts with the online addition worksheets with pictures. This interactive addition activity can help children at kindergarten to learn to count and add numbers up to 100.

When do children actually learn to count? Being a father of a newborn, I felt the responsibility and just got a glimpse of what parenting is. My kid of just 6 months or so, started responding positively to a simple game of counting fingers. Being online for last couple of years, what struck me was obviously something which can be of help, not just for me but other parents and teachers as well. So I searched on the web for some arithmetic activities for kids. But later, instead of using any of those typical games or traditional printable worksheets, I thought of creating this online addition activity for kids.

Learn Addition with Images
Set Number Limit to:
+ =
+ =
PS: Parents and teachers Use (ctrl+D) to bookmark this free online activity for kids!

Learn to Count and Add up to 100

Starting from the preliminary level, this interactive activity can be useful in tackling your kids question on how to learn counting. Taking a step ahead, it can also be used for teaching them how to add two numbers. This game accommodates counting and addition activity for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarten children, as it uses the number set of 1 to 100 only. You as a teacher/parent or even the kids themselves, can set the count limit for the game.

Guide to Using this Addition Worksheet with Pictures

  1. First set the Number limit.
  2. 2 sets of random pictures of animals, birds, balloons or cakes, etc. will be displayed for counting and addition activity. Feel free to “Shuffle Pictures” for your game.
  3. An input box provided below each set can be used to type in the count of that particular set. The Kid has to count the pictures in that set and enter the number in input box below. The game will alert the kid for the wrong count, if the count is right, kid can repeat the activity for second set and enter the number in the input box for second set.
  4. Once both the inputs entered are correct, the kid needs to do the addition of these two numbers. The addition of these numbers should be entered in the third box provided after the “=” sign.
  5. Press the “Check” button to know if your addition of two numbers is correct or wrong! If wrong, redo the addition and enter the correct number is the box after “=” sign, till you get the correct answer.
  6. Feel free to Play again.

Looking forward to meet you people with my next game – probably an online multiplication worksheet! Till then have fun while you learn to count to 100 and add!

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