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Fascinating Math Games for Children

Aakash Singh Jan 27, 2019
Playing online games is not only fun for kids but also for adults. If you are interested in math games, then let us find out about a few of them. Read on.
Math games can be real fun. These games have been designed for kids to improve their calculation, arithmetic, manipulative, strategic skills, and problem solving skills.Playing Online games develops skills in children.Children should develop these other skills along with notebook knowledge.

Math Games

Math Lines

This is my personal favorite. It is like one of those marble line games. In this game, there are marbles with numbers from 0-9 written on them. You will be given your marble which could have any number in between 0-9. Next, you will have to choose a number at the top. And then shoot that ball which makes the total which you chose at the top of it.
Example: On the top of the table choose a random number 10. Now you will have a big line of marbles with numbers written on them. If your cue ball is numbered 4, you will have to hit a ball numbered 6 to make the total 10. Again, if your target ball shows up number 3 then you will have to hit on number 7 to make the total 10.

Math Lines: Xfactor

The only difference between Math Lines and Math Lines: Xfactor is that instead of adding you need to multiply numbers to get the selected number.
Example: At the top of the table if you choose the number 12, and if the number on your target ball is 3 then you will have to hit the ball with the 4 number ball. Again, the target ball is of the number 6 then you will have to hit the 2 numbered ball.

Feed Fribbit Addition

A very interesting game. The visuals are attractive and simple. Kids would surely love it. You can choose your difficulty level, easy or pro and start playing. It is a math addition game, in which you will need to do calculation by adding numbers displayed on it and click on the correct number in bubbles flying across.

Feed Fribbit Subtraction

Similar to the game Feed Fribbit Addition, the visuals are the same, and same is the strategy but then, instead of addition you will have to do subtraction. It is really very important for you to focus and do calculation.

Crazy Taxi M-12

For kids who love racing games, this one can be racing with calculation. In it, you are a taxi driver and you need to drive on a straight road. On the road there will be several other cars which would have numbers written on them. Your task is to hit those cars which are multiples of 2.

The Timernator

Another fun math game is the Timernator. It is relatively simpler and focuses on calculation. In this game, you will have to score the maximum by giving maximum correct answers. It involves addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. The more correct answers you give, the more will you score.

Arithmetic Game

If you think you are really good at mathematics, then this game will put all your math skills to test. In this all number game, you will have a huge board which will have numbers on it. At the bottom of it there will be a number, which is the answer and in front of it will be the few blanks which you will have to fill with numbers.
There would be multiplication, addition, subtraction, division signs and depending upon it you will have to choose numbers, so that the total comes up to the number which is displayed. For example, if the number displayed is 43, then you will need to answer it as 6 * 6 + 7 = 43.
There are many more math games out there which will surely make you good at numbers. Playing these games will not only improve your number skills, but will also enhance a few other skills apart from enjoyment. Since now you know about a couple of them, you can enhance your knowledge playing some of them.