Vintage Neon Signs

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Vintage Neon Signs

There’s something about those vintage neon signs. They have an appeal like no other. For more about these retro pieces, keep reading.

Vintage neon signs scream ‘American’ like nothing else does. They’re like those classic pieces that cannot be taken away from all things American. Vintage is cool, and vintage neon signs, even cooler. From the ever popular neon Route 66 sign to others like vintage neon bar signs, there is an array of these signboards to be seen all around the place. Speaking of all around the place, one of the most popular spots to see these signs in abundance is the Times Square in New York. But do you know how these lights /signs came about? Maybe we can take a look at the history of neon signs before moving on to other things.

History of Neon Signs

First off, what are neon signs? Neon signs are signs made of luminous tubes that normally contain low density neon or even other gases which emit light, thus allowing that glow they offer. Mostly used for outdoor signs, these funky lights made their first appearance in Paris on December 11, 1910. In fact, the present neon signs are very simply an evolved version of the former Geissler tube, which was an electrified glass tube also containing low density gas in it.

What’s interesting though, is the fact that the theory of neon lights dates all the way back to 1675, which is oddly an age before the discovery of electricity. Whom does the credit of this invention go to, you ask? It is said that a French engineer and chemist named Georges Claude is the man behind the luminosity called neon signs.

Now that you have a rough idea about these signs, let’s move on to other aspects.

Popular Neon Signs

It is said that the first neon sign was used in 1912 by a Parisian barber. Seriously vintage, I’d say. Since then, these lambent signs have most popularly been used for advertising purposes. Restaurants, bars, motels, automobile dealers, etc., are some of the more common places where you will find such signage. But what among neon signs are popular? What’s usually seen around the place is vintage neon bar signs or vintage neon beer signs, repair signs, 24 hours open, etc. Custom-made signs have also been popular over the years. Let’s see what some of the most popular ones that we all know are.

Food and Drink Signs

Budweiser, Heineken, Corona… We all know of these popular beer brands, moreover, these are brands whose signboards we’ve seen everywhere. Quite honestly, nothing defines those vintage signs more than beer does. But it doesn’t end at that. If you thought that this would stop at only beer, you are mistaken because the use of these signs extend all the way to Jack Daniels, Dewar’s Scotch Whiskey and a lot of other beverages like Pepsi, Coke or even Starbucks which have been popular since forever.

Automobile Signs

If you are looking for something striking for promotional purposes, there’s nothing that stands out more than these. Vintage auto signs are almost like collectors items for some. Be it the classic Ford, Aston Martin, Bugatti, Lamborghini, or even the Chevrolet Corvette, the feel of these luminescent signboards is as retro as it can get. The best part about these signboards is the fact that achieving that classic look is not task at all, irrespective of how new it may in fact be.

Music Signs

Music can hardly be left far behind when it comes to the funk element. Whether you’re talking a McPherson Guitar, or the band AC DC, looking for a neon sign that’s got anything to do with music, your hunt will be easy. Music related neon signs are possibly the most sought after besides food and drink.

Other popular neon signs are Harley Davidson, Yamaha, Marlboro Indy Car, Route 66, and a bunch of others. Popularity apart, there will always be questions regarding neon sign repairs. It can get a little expensive, but if you gotta do it, you gotta do it. If you aren’t up to repairs, even a half lit sign looks pretty neat, so if the look works for you, nothing like it.

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