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Types of Ozone Generators

Types of Ozone Generators

Ozone generators are of various types and each one of these produces ozone in a distinct way. Ultraviolet generators, cold plasma generators and corona discharge generators are the main types of ozone generators available to us. So, let us know more about these types in this article.
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The ozone generators use oxygen in its elemental form to produce ozone which is then used in variety of establishments and for a variety of purposes. These generators can vary a lot in size and this depends on your usage and requirements. Along with their use as home ozone generators, these machines are also useful in industries and commercial places. It is possible to build your own ozone generator by having all essential equipment and guidance from an expert.

Ozone is useful in many ways and the best use is believed to be in killing bacteria and viruses present in food. The use of ozone for removal of freon and tapeworm larvae has been recommended.

Ozone Generator Types

Ultraviolet Ozone Generators
These are the generators which make use of a light source and the product i.e. ozone is about two percent concentrated. The drawback of these generators is that the total amount of ozone generated by this method is very low and this might be insufficient for our use. These generators are mostly used for air purification. However, the use of this generators is very limited.

Corona Discharge Ozone Generators
In the case of the corona discharge generators, ozone generation is possible by creating an electric field with the help of dielectric surface. This equipment splits the molecules of oxygen (i.e. O2) into single oxygen atoms which come together form ozone. Air is the only source of oxygen in the corona generators. While generating ozone using this type of generators, you should be prepared to deal with the excess of heat produced. The high frequency corona discharge generators with over 1,000 Hz would be the best option as they are considered to be the most efficient and very cost-effective.

Cold Plasma Ozone Generators
Cold plasma are one of the well-known and popular types of generators. In this generators, oxygen gas is exposed to cold plasma which is created with dielectric discharge. With this, oxygen, which is diatomic gets split into single atoms which further recombine together to give ozone. Now, you may feel, how is the cold plasma created in the first place? The answer is simple-it is created with the help of noble gases after applying high voltage over a gap between two poles in this generator. The ozone produced is five percent concentrated and this is comparatively an expensive method of ozone generation. However, the quantity of ozone produced with the help of this generator is far more as compared to that produced by others.

Electrolytic Ozone Generators
The electrolytic generators are yet another unique way of getting concentrated ozone. With the help of this generator, the water molecules are split into hydrogen, oxygen and ozone and then the hydrogen is removed. The ozone obtained by this method can be twenty to thirty percent concentrated. Electrolytic generators use water as a starting substrate.

Water ozone generator, spa ozone generator, industrial generator and pool generators are some of the prominent applications. These generators are widely used and have applications in several sectors and industries. They are used in pharmaceutical facilities, greenhouses, waste water treatment plants, and for improving soil quality, controlling indoor air pollution, processing of food, controlling household odors. These ozone generation processes are complex and you will have to take help from technical experts to get the desired results.

While buying one of these generators, you will have to inquire about the prevailing costs and pick the one which falls into your budget and requirements. Generally, you will have to shell out more than $2,000 for a good quality equipment of this type.

So, this was all about the types of ozone generators. The kind of generator you should buy depends on your requirements and budget. My suggestion would be to consult an expert before you make the final purchase.