Innovative Topic Ideas for High School Science Fair Projects

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Topic Ideas for High School Science Fair Projects

High school level science projects should display an advanced degree of innovative thinking, creative ability, and scientific knowledge. With a wide variety of topics and subjects to choose from, coming up with an original idea or experiment can be a tough ask. Here are some suggestions that might nudge you in the right direction.

Everyone attending high school is usually required to participate in a science fair project. High school level science projects enable students to display their scientific temperament and understanding of the basics of science. As a student, try to select a science fair topic that is one of its kind and relevant. Research it well, try to think out of the box, and see if you can come up with an attention-grabbing presentation that will offer a new viewpoint to your audience. To get you started, look below through the list of ideas.

List of Topics for High School Science Fair Projects

Silhouette of the plant smokestack polluting the air

What are the different ways in which solar energy can be utilized to the maximum?

How do stress and strain affect bridges?

How can you mitigate the impact of pollution on the ecosystem?

How do marine sponges regenerate?

How can you prevent soil erosion?

What is Dutch Elm disease and how does it spread?

How do animals know when and where to migrate?

Close-up of very blue eye

How would you design a very effective and cosmetic prosthetic device?

What are the different methods of air purification?

Do light and weather affect human well-being? In what way?

Does age really affect the learning ability in human beings?

How does cloning of animals and plants work? What are their benefits?

How would you create and design a computer video game?

What are the different methods of weather forecasting?

Active Volcano

How is the strength of a storm measured?

How is the intelligence of animals tested?

How does exposure to cigarette smoke affect the growth of plants?

How do plants and animals adapt to pollution and city life?

What are the different methods of testing water pollution?

How does wet plate photography work?

Can you grow plants without planting them in soil?

Clearcut Hillside

Is there a difference in the brain sizes of a queen ant and a worker ant?

How do plants war with one another?

How important is the human hypothalamus?

What are radiation laws and how are they determined?

How do horizontal energy transfers take place?

How does precision farming work?

Blue earth view from moon surface ? Usa

Under what conditions do wildfires get started and what is their impact?

What causes an Aurora? Where and when can you see an Aurora?

To what extent do snow, ice, and permafrost influence changes taking place in the natural landscape?

How would you measure the ice thickness of a glacier?

Why don’t oceans freeze over in the winter?

What is the relation between wind direction and temperature inversions?

Two King Penguins Looking at Third Penguin

What exactly happens within our body when we get hungry?

Why do we need to sleep and what changes take place in our body when we do sleep?

Are snails of any use aside from eating them in French restaurants?

What is the process by which wounds heal?

How would you save an endangered wildlife species?

How does space travel work?

Erupting Volcano
Savannah Fire

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