10 Things We Really Wish Someone Would Invent ASAP

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10 Things We Wish Someone Would Invent

Technology has made so many things easier for us. From drones to cell phones to Skype, you name it! Man has come a long way. But humans always want more, which is why we still feel the need that technology should make our lives even more easier. For starters, these are some of the things we wish someone would invent!

Invisibility Cloak

This could save us from so many problems. A perfect way to slip out without being noticed from awkward situations, a boring class, or even work. One more advantage of being invisible is, you can eavesdrop without getting caught, so you’ll know who’s talking behind your back.

Marauders Map

Won’t it be fun if you can watch where a particular person you want to follow and spy upon is going? You will know exactly where he is standing. Imagine how helpful it would be to know where your boss is! Just that, each map must have a different password. Mischief managed.

Memory Bread

This gadget would be a boon for students with problems memorizing notes. Just dab the bread on the notes you want to learn by heart, and eat it. No more burning the midnight oil.


You think the job you’ve done is good, but no matter how well you do it, you can’t please the other person. ‘As you like it’ pills will help you do so; just feed it to the person you want to please, and they’ll see what they exactly want to see.


Want to go to Hogwarts? Want to talk to your favorite actor or rock star? Just start this device and there you are! While scientists are close to creating this device, unlike Holodeck, they are devoid of the ability to touch.

Universal Translator

The major problem that we face when we are visiting non-English speaking countries is the language. Won’t it be lovely if we could just speak their language fluently and effortlessly, surprising our peers and the local people alike?

Forget me Not Notepad

What if we had a notepad to catch and write down our thoughts as we think them, before we forget them.

Cloning Machine

If there were clones! Bored to go to work? Send your clone to work while you lounge around and enjoy some time with family, or friends, or just alone.

Time Turner

What if we could control time? As the name suggests, this contraption is the ultimate solution to repair or alter those ‘oops’ moments.

Beaded Bag Which can Hold Anything

We all should have a magic bag. You can put all that you want into this small magical bag like Hermione Granger did in the seventh part of the Harry Potter series. You don’t have to worry about your luggage anymore!!!

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