List of Famous Discoverers

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List of Famous Discoverers

Are you searching for all those people who have made our lives easy by contributing to the various important discoveries? You have come to the right page! Find in this article a list of famous discoverers and their discoveries.

While munching on potato chips the other day, a thought came to my mind; who discovered these yummy little crisp chips? And to my surprise, discovery of potato chips was an absolute accidental discovery. There was this chef named George Crum who was frustrated with his customers as they used to send back dishes made by him to the kitchen, complaining about soggy and thick potato pieces in there. He then decided to chop the potatoes into paper thin slices and deep-fry them, so that no one could eat it with a fork. The diners loved this dish, and that’s how potato chips were discovered. Amazing, right? Read more of such interesting facts.

In fact, if these discoveries would not have been made, no one would know that the earth rotated around its own axis, we wouldn’t know about the various planets that existed. It was only when the apple fell on Sir Isaac Newton’s head, that the law of gravity was discovered. Sir Goodyear unknowingly dropped a compound of rubber on a hot stove and was quite amazed how this rubber was subjected to a change and that its hardness, strength and elasticity were improved to a greater extend after heating it! Wow! The notable contributions these great men have made lives of mankind easy and all the more interesting.

If Amerigo Vespucci didn’t find the lands of America, no one would ever know about the existence of the United States of America and the same would imply to Antarctica and many other islands. The works of these men are really laudable! Do you want to know about all these great men and their respective discoveries? Well… here you go.

List of Famous Discoverers and their Discoveries

Discoverers Discovery
Albert Einstein Photon
Alfred Wegener Continental Drift
Amerigo Vespucci America
Antoine Lavoisier Conservation of Mass and Diamond a Form of Carbon
Antonio de Ulloa and Charles Wood Platinum
Bartolomeu Dias Africa
Benjamin Franklin +/- Electric Charges
Captain James Cook Antarctica
Carl Wilhelm Scheele Oxygen
Charles Darwin Evolution of Life
Charles Goodyear Vulcanized Rubber
Christiaan Huygens Saturn Rings
Clyde Tombaugh Pluto
DuPont Teflon
Edward Jenner Vaccination
Ernest Rutherford Proton
Friedrich Miescher DNA and RNA
Galileo Galilei Principle of Relativity and Moons of Jupiter
George Crum Potato Chips
Heinrich Hertz Electromagnetic Waves
Henri Becquerel Radioactivity
Henry Cavendish Hydrogen
Humphry Davy Sodium and Potassium
Isaac Newton Universal Gravitation
J. J. Thomson Electron
Jean Bernard Foucault Rotation of Earth
Johann Galle Neptune
Joseph Nicephore Niepce Photography
Louis Pasteur and Joseph Lister Microorganisms Causing Infectious Disease
Michael Faraday and James Clerk Maxwell Electromagnetism
Morris W. Travers and William Ramsay Neon, Krypton, Xenon
Nicolaus Copernicus Solar System and Earth
Niels Bohr Quantum Theory
Rabi Simantov, Solomon H. Snyder, John Hughes and Hans Kosterlitz Endorphin
Robert Boyles Boyle’s Law
Robert Hooke Cells in Living Things
Sir Alexander Fleming Penicillin
Sir F.G. Hopkins Vitamins
Sir Frederick G. Banting Insulin
Thomas A. Edison Phonograph
Vitus Jonassen Bering Alaska
Wilhelm Röntgen X-rays
Willard Libby Radiocarbon Dating
William Harvey Circulatory System
William Herschel Uranus

Without the contribution of these discoverers numerable cities, planets, facts, laws and theories would still exist but, remain unknown. Where would we be today without the contribution of these brilliant discoverers and their discoveries? Hats off to these great discoverers who have helped improve the standard of our lives, thus making it easier and way better!

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