An A-to-Z List of European Countries and Their Capitals

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List of European Countries and Capitals

In spite of it being the second smallest continent in the world, Europe is home to 50 countries. Here is a list of European countries and capitals for your reference…

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Did You Know?

Europe Day is celebrated on two days: 5 May (by Council of Europe) and 9 May (by European Union (EU)).

Europe is a continent whose landmass is bordered by the Arctic Ocean and other water bodies in the north, the Atlantic Ocean in the west, and the Mediterranean Sea in the south. The surface area of this continent is 10,180,000 square kilometers (3,930,000 square miles), which is about 2% of the Earth’s surface and about 6.8% of the total landmass on Earth.

The biggest country in Europe in area as well as by population is Russia. The Vatican City, on the other hand, is the smallest country in this continent. Although it is the second smallest continent by surface, it is the third most populous continent after Asia and Africa.

European Countries and Capitals

Here is a list of European countries with their capitals.

Country: Albania
Capital: Tirana

Country: Andorra
Capital: Andorra la Vella

Country: Armenia
Capital: Yerevan

Country: Austria
Capital: Vienna

Country: Azerbaijan
Capital: Baku

Country: Belarus
Capital: Minsk

Country: Belgium
Capital: Brussels

Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Capital: Sarajevo

Country: Bulgaria
Capital: Sofia

Country: Croatia
Capital: Zagreb

Country: Cyprus
Capital: Nicosia

Country: Czech Republic
Capital: Prague

Country: Denmark
Capital: Copenhagen

Country: Estonia
Capital: Tallinn

Country: Finland
Capital: Helsinki

Country: France
Capital: Paris

Country: Germany
Capital: Berlin

Country: Greece
Capital: Athens

Country: Georgia
Capital: Tbilisi

Country: Hungary
Capital: Budapest

Country: Iceland
Capital: Reykjavik

Country: Ireland
Capital: Dublin

Country: Italy
Capital: Rome

Country: Kazakhstan
Capital: Astana

Country: Kosovo
Capital: Pristina

Country: Latvia
Capital: Riga

Country: Liechtenstein
Capital: Vaduz

: Lithuania
Capital: Vilnius

Country: Luxembourg
Capital: Luxembourg

Country: Macedonia
Capital: Skopje

Country: Malta
Capital: Valletta

Country: Moldova
Capital: Chişinău

Country: Monaco
Capital: Monaco

Country: Montenegro
Capital: Podgorica

Country: Netherlands
Capital: Amsterdam

Country: Norway
Capital: Oslo

Country: Poland
Capital: Warsaw

Country: Portugal
Capital: Lisbon

Country: Romania
Capital: Bucharest

Country: Russia
Capital: Moscow

Country: San Marino
Capital: San Marino

Country: Serbia
Capital: Belgrade

Country: Slovakia
Capital: Bratislava

Country: Slovenia
Capital: Ljubljana

Country: Spain
Capital: Madrid

Country: Sweden
Capital: Stockholm

Country: Switzerland
Capital: Bern

Country: Turkey
Capital: Ankara

Country: Ukraine
Capital: Kiev

Country: United Kingdom
Capital: London

Country: Vatican City
Capital: Vatican City

Note that countries like Russia, Georgia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Cyprus are geographically considered to lie in Asia.

With the introduction of the European Union, many European countries have the same currency (Euro), which has made traveling between these countries easier. This continent has become as good as one big country. Europe is not far away from Winston Churchill’s dream of ‘United States of Europe’.

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