7 Rockin’ Inventions of 1960s You’ll be Curious to Know About

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Inventions of 1960s

The information presented below should make us aware of the important contributions made for scientific development in the 1960s.

The sixties decade is known for some interesting and useful inventions. Development of computers is a very good example that happened in this decade. The inception of some concepts of these creations may have taken place in the 1950s. However, the core developmental work of most of the devices took place in the 60s. The designs of this period laid down a foundation for speedy growth of different technologies of the future.

1960s Biggest Innovations

Computer Mouse: It is a pointing device, and its functioning is based on the concept of detecting two-dimensional motion, which takes places relative to its own supporting surface. Invention of trackball was a joint effort by Fred Longstaff, Tom Cranston, and Kenyon Taylor, in the year 1952. Bill English came out with the concept the ball mouse in 1972. The first optical mouse was made at the HP Labs due to the joint efforts of Travis N. Blalock, Thomas Hornal, Richard A. Baumgartner, and Mark T. Smith.

Video Game Consoles: Magnavox Odyssey is the first gaming console designed by Ralph Baer. He started working on the prototype called ‘Brown Box’ in 1966, and completed the work in 1968. This console was demonstrated on 24th May, 1972.

Space Observatories: These are instruments used for observing objects of the outer space. The planets, galaxies, and other celestial bodies are studied through the observations made by such instruments.

Lasers: Theodore H. Maiman is credited with the designing of laser. Hughes Research Laboratory in Malibu, California is the place where Maiman made the first working laser; this technology was invented in the year 1960. The 694 nm (wavelength) red light was produced by Maiman with the help of a flashlamp-pumped and solid-state synthetic ruby crystal.

Optical Discs: Binary data is encoded in the form of pits by optical discs. This data is stored on the surface of these discs with the help of materials like aluminum. Invention of the optical disc took place in the year 1958. A patent for analog optical disc was registered by David Paul Gregg, in the years 1961 and 1969.

Light-emitting Diodes: The phenomenon of electroluminescence, which was discovered by H.J. Round of Britain in 1907 is the base of light-emitting diodes. Nick Holonyak Jr. of General Electric Company was the first one to create a visible spectrum LED in the year 1962.

Cochlear Implant: This device is implanted in ears by surgical means. For those with hearing problems, the cochlear implant provides a sense of sound, and helps in the hearing process. Bionic ear is the other name given to cochlear implants. Development of this process went through many phases, and finally culminated into the creation of cochlear implant. However, Count Alessandro Volta of Italy was the first person to carry out electrical stimulation of the auditory system.

The above described inventions changed the way we experience the world, and can be considered as great milestones in the history of scientific development.

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Cochlear implant
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