Copper Wire Uses

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Copper Wire Uses

Copper wires are very commonly used in the process of supplying electricity as they have a high level of conductivity. Read the article to know more about the copper wire uses and benefits.

Copper comes under the category of transition metals and holds the 28th position in the periodic table. It is reddish brown in color but its salts often impart a turquoise color. It is highly ductile which means it can be drawn and stretched into wires. Copper has a high thermal and electrical conductivity. It is widely used in lots of things like utensils, machinery, roofing, plumbing, electrical devices, electrical wires, etc. Among all these uses, almost 60% of the copper is used in making wires. There are a number of uses of copper wire which makes it an essential metal. Let’s find out various uses of copper wire in the following paragraphs.

About Copper Wire

Copper wire has the best electrical conductivity after silver. As silver cannot be afforded in a wide variety of things, it is copper which is very widely used. Due to the high ductile strength of copper, it can be transformed into a strong wire. According to research conducted by scientists at the University of Nevada, Reno, a 4 inch thick copper bar can be heated and pulled into a 20 million times long wire than the size of the copper bar which will be thinner than the human hair strand. Hence, we can say that the copper is one of the best metals to be used in the form of a wire.

Copper wires can be divided into plain copper wires, tin coated copper wires and braided copper wires. Plain copper wire is used in electronic items to make point to point connection on the printed circuit board, for electric connection in train and trolleys, etc. Tin coated copper wire has almost the same applications like the plain copper wires. The only difference is that the tin coating prevents the copper wire from eroding or oxidizing. Braided copper wires are used at the places where flexibility is required. It is used in the headphone cables, speaker wires, etc.

Uses of Copper Wire

Copper wires are used in a variety of applications. Following are some of the most common uses of copper wire which will help you to understand the necessity of this metal.


Earlier, copper was a major part of telecommunication as it was used in the telephone wires which were used on the telephone poles. But nowadays copper is replaced by fiber optics for better and faster transmission of signals. Still there are few places where copper wires are used in this industry.

Electricity Supply

Supplying electricity to the house and delivering it to all the appliances is one of the major uses of copper wire. As the wires are ductile, they can be bent and can be very easily used where ever they are required. Copper is also a cheaper option than any other metal which can conduct proper electricity.

Automobile Industry

Introduction of new technology has increased the demand of copper wires in the automobiles industry. It continues to increase at a rate of approximately 5% per year. Copper wires can be easily used in the automobiles because of their ability to bend easily. They have a high melting point hence, can be safely used in the places where the climate constantly changes.


Copper wire is also used in jewelry. It is very famous among the people who like junk jewelry. It is also used as silver enameled copper wire which is used to replace sterling silver. As copper is resistant to tarnishing, the article made out of it can be used for a very long time.

Other Uses

As copper wires have a superior sinking rate, they can be easily used in deep water fishing. Copper wires are also used in the PVC insulated cables which help in the underground transport system, electricity networks, etc.

So, here we come to the end of this ScienceStruck article. By going through the uses of copper wire, we can say that it is an essential part of daily life. Hope this article was helpful and informative for all the people looking for the uses of copper wire.

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