When Hurricanes Strike

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When Hurricanes Strike

You may have never seen a tornado in your life, yet when it comes to the spiritual level regardless of our maturity, the tornadoes and hurricanes will eventually come our way. What are we to do then?

Those that have lived a lifetime in the tornado’s pathway know better how important it is to run to the shelter in time. They are always aware that a tornado maybe approaching so they know all about the tornado warnings and the way they need to get shelter. However, when it comes to spiritual level, what are we to know about tornadoes and hurricanes.

Firstly you need to have the base layer to know that you will encounter storms, this is part of the growing process and also that you have been spiritually built strong enough to defeat the power of the hurricane by the power of God in you.

The base layer also encompasses the fact that you will never have a greater trial than you can handle trough the power of God of course.

Therefore knowing that it is part of normal Christian life to encounter difficulties and trials – yet in them all you are promised to be given joy and the peace that passes understanding if you stick close to God – should help us trough the difficult times knowing that we are not the only ones that experience pain.

Therefore (1) the hurricane will come; (2) you will have strength to defeat it because (3) you will not be given more than you can handle through God’s grace.

Surely this is easier said than done! It doesn’t matter that you have underlined your Bible in all the colors of the rainbow showing how certain verses are your favorites and you know them by heart; you may know them by heart.

Yet, you really end up having a real understanding of them when you experience them for yourself, in your own storm, saving you from your own trial, when you see that indeed, God does give His peace in the middle of the hurricane.

What I have noticed several times in my life was that when I tried to be there for some people in their hardest of times, they were actually the ones encouraging me, not the other way round! Why was that possible?

Always but always, if we stay close to God, the power we receive to sail through rough waters is much greater than the person’s that doesn’t sail in such circumstances just yet.

We always receive new strength for the new hurricane; we do not go into it without being strengthened! Sometimes that power only comes the very minute when we need it. I remember once how I was supposed to be so sad over some things that happened, but God gave me such power instead that I stood up singing as joyfully as if something great had happened! Had I not experienced it myself, I would not have believed, but well, God knows us and He desires the very best for us, that is why He wants to help us come up higher, He wants to show us how there are no storms that cannot be defeated in His Holy Name and through His strength! Do not worry, you will have all it takes to be victorious if you ask God for help and trust Him!

The temptation of giving up is knocking at the door very insistently during a hurricane! It is because we do not see the light anymore and we don’t know what to do. That’s why it is vital to ask for God’s wisdom, not to act on an impulse but to keep our calm. For instance when someone wants to spark and provoke using certain language, do your best not to answer anything for three seconds. Keep quiet and let God take over, let God remind you His Words because if you fall into the temptation of answering with the same coin, it is more likely to say things that you did not even want to bring up and it will be Satan using your mouth, you will eventually have things to regret later.

Hang in there, trust what God put in your heart, do your best to know what God desires for your life and the wisdom of God will lead you. Why would you fear? If God trusts us enough to allow us to go through some hurricanes we should indeed be thankful to overcome what we did not even think we’d ever be able to defeat!

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