Stop Worrying, 7th Grades! Here are 35 Rad Science Fair Topics

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Science Fair Topics for 7th Grade

Making projects for science fair topics for 7th grade is a unique way in teaching children scientific concepts that are difficult to understand. Which is why they must be fun, creative, and easy to try.

Academics beyond textbooks and classroom walls make a better impact. Science fairs projects are one such kind of learning medium, where the toughest topics can be explained with interesting models and graphical representations. With a little help, any subject can be turned into an eye pleasing science fair project. To make science fair topics for 7th grade worth the effort, let the students pick the topics they like.

List of Science Fairs Topics for 7th Grade

  • How does a magnet affect radish plant growth?
  • Does temperature affect the performance of a fuel cell?
  • Which building design will best withstand an earthquake?
  • What techniques do air traffic controllers use to control air traffic? How efficient are these techniques?
  • How does temperature affect the survival rate of aquatic plants?
  • Can animals see in the dark better than humans? Explain how.
  • Does shoe design really affect an athlete’s jumping height?
  • What kind of fertilizers work better? Natural or synthetic?
  • What light brightness makes plants grow the best?
  • How much weight can the surface tension of water hold?
  • Can people tell artificial smells from real ones?
  • How does music affect animal and plant behavior?
  • What is the best way to prevent an ice cube from melting?
  • How is out heart rate affected by the food we eat?
  • What are the terrible effects of acid rain?
  • Can background noise levels affect how well we concentrate?
  • Do antioxidants really improve a human’s life span?
  • How does temperature affect the growth of yeast or mold on bread?
  • Does the species of wood affect the rate at which it burns?
  • How does talking on a cell phone or listening to music affect reaction time?
  • Do we remember a sequence of letters and numbers better if they hear or see the sequence first?
  • What is the importance of breakfast in our lives? How does it affect our metabolism rate?
  • How does music influence learning and memory?
  • Do daily memory-oriented activities slow memory loss at occurs with aging?
  • How does caffeine and nicotine affect bacterial growth?
  • What antibacterial properties do extracts from basil and mint plants have?
  • What effects do garlic and vitamin C have on high blood pressure in people?
  • Does the Atkins high-protein diet really work?
  • How does exercise affect heart rate recovery?
  • How does light affect the vitamin C content of juice?
  • How effective are herbal oils and DEET as mosquito repellents?
  • Can vocal wave form patterns be used to identify individuals?
  • Can computer systems for recognizing human motion be used to counter terrorism?
  • How does sunspot activity affect radio reception?
  • How does the air temperature affect carbon monoxide emissions when a car is first started?

Participating in science fair projects encourages the child to read and learn more about myriad subjects. Getting involved in your child’s academics will not only motivate the child but also help you develop a bond of trust and reliability. However, you need to support the child and not do the project for him. Doing the entire project by yourself will make your child handicapped and defeat the whole purpose of the science fair.

The above list science fair topics for 7th grade are extremely easy to do. Ask your child to write a script to explain to the viewers what the project is all about. The simpler the script, the easier it is for him to understand and to explain it. Science fair projects help a great deal in explaining scientific concepts in a jiffy.

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