Plasma Cutter Reviews

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Plasma Cutter Reviews

Plasma cutters reviews are generally written by experienced welding professionals that enlighten us about the features of these machines.

There are many ways to cut metal. You might go in for a conventional welding torch but a better option would be to use a plasma cutter. These are tools specially designed for cutting metal, such as stainless steel and aluminum. It employs the latest technology to cut metals accurately. These machines do the tough job of cutting heavy metals effortlessly and within a short time. One disadvantage of these tools, is that they make a lot of noise. So it is advised to wear hearing protection devices when these machines are in operation.

Hobart 500500 Handler 140 Single-Phase Plasma Cutter

When it comes to cutting and welding metals for household projects, Hobart Handler 140 is often the first choice. Although, the brand Hobart manufactures a range of plasma cutters, this model is more popular, thanks to its affordability and multipurpose functionality. Whether it is restoring fences or carrying out repairing work in your ranch or farm, you can certainly rely on this versatile machine that delivers high quality performance.

Priced at around $526 this 115-120 volts plasma cutter that requires 20 amp current is also useful for fixing grills and gates or installing window security bars. The cutter is ideal for household fabrication work. With this machine, you can easily cut and weld mild steel, aluminum and stainless steel wires of varying thickness. A steel wire as thick as 1/4th of an inch can be effortlessly welded using this machine. Hobart Handler 140 is ideal for household repairs that requires smaller welds. So, if you are investing your money on this machine, you will definitely get good returns.

Miller Spectrum 375 X-treme Plasma Cutter

Durability and reliability are synonymous to Miller equipment, one of the oldest manufacturers of cutters and welders. This lightweight (just 18 pounds) easily movable machine costing approximately $1200-$1500 is constructed from high quality material. Although the machine may appear small, it is powerful enough to rip a half-inch thick metal. You can operate this plasma cutter on either 110V or 220V. The cutting power is independent of the power source you choose to run this plasma cutter. Also, it is designed in such a way that voltage fluctuations will have little impact on its performance. It can also cut a 0.375 inch steel plate at a jaw dropping speed of 14 inches per minute. It can also rip apart a 0.625 inch thick steel at a speed of 5 inches per minute. Be it cutting brackets or making a beautiful framework, the Miller 375 X-treme will certainly deliver as per your expectations. Features like built-in thermal protection and auto air regulator ensure that operating Miller 375 X-treme is safe and simple.

Ramsond CUT50DY Digital Inverter Plasma Cutter

The highlight of Ramsond CUT50DY is its size. It is small and compact, which means moving it from one place to another is an easy job. Due to its compactness and light weight (19 pounds), professionals will certainly find it easy to handle. Priced at around $450, Ramsond CUT50DY can cut metals like copper, steel, aluminum and brass with great precision. Features like pressure gauge, digital display and the new inverter technology incorporated in the machine make it one of the most sought after plasma cutter for first-time users and professionals alike. Its operational versatility is evident from the fact that it can work on both 110V and 220V power sources.

Riland Cut40, Plasma Cutter 220VAC

If you are looking for a plasma cutter that can do your cutting work as quickly as possible, then buy Riland Cut40. This machine costing around $400-$450 and weighs only 26 pounds has an edge over other competitors due to its ability to cut metals at a quicker pace than any other plasma cutter. The higher 100V cutting voltage ensures that you complete your job in minimum time. This means less electricity consumed in finishing the task, in turn helping to save your money. Its high cutting speed can be gauged from the fact that just a minute is required to cut 7 inches of steel wire that has a thickness of 0.5 inches. Whereas 0.75 thickness of steel wire will be cut at a rate of 3 inches per minute. Keeping the safety aspect in mind, the manufacturers of this 220 VAC plasma cutter that runs on 40 amp current, have added features like high-speed fan (cooling mechanism) and thermal overload protection.

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