How to Use Bentonite Clay

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How to Use Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay is one of the most useful healing clays but, very few people are aware of all the generic uses of bentonite clay. But not any more, as this article tells you about various uses of bentonite clay.

There are several types of bentonite clays and each of them are characterized by the dominant elements present in that clay. For example, bentonite high in calcium is known as calcium bentonite, and bentonite high in sodium is known as sodium bentonite. Bentonite is essentially a by-product of volcano eruptions, and is formed in the process of volcanic ash weathering. So bentonite is a family of different clays having the same origin. One of the unique characteristics of bentonite clay is that it has absorbing and expanding properties, and has various medicinal and commercial properties.

Industrial and Commercial Uses

  • One of the obvious uses of bentonite is that it is used as a natural sealant due to its expanding and absorbing quality. Bentonite is widely used in both residential and public infrastructure schemes as it is highly recommended by state and national government agencies.
  • It is also widely used in drilling and geo-technical engineering industry. Bentonite also plays a major role in manufacturing of cement, ceramic structures, and different kind of adhesives, etc.
  • It also has its share in the steel making industry where it is used as a binding agent to manufacture taconite pellets.
  • It is found that bentonite can absorb large amounts of protein molecules from certain solutions and hence, it is widely used in the process of wine making, especially white wine. To make the wine more fine and taste better, the excessive protein from the white wine is removed using bentonite.
  • It is also used for manufacturing heat resistant metal casting molds, which are reusable. To get the final output, bentonite is mixed with foundry molding sands and the final mixture is used to form molded metals.
  • Bentonite is commonly used to clean cat dropings, and is very popular among cat owners. Since the urine and feces can easily cling to bentonite powder, removing or scooping out the dirt becomes easier.

Apart from this, bentonite is used in sand casting, building sand castles, clay bodies and ceramic glazes, dry cleaning substances, and in the making of end plugs and rocket engine nozzles.

Medicinal Uses

Bentonite has various medicinal and therapeutic properties which can be used in various homeopathic and cosmetic processes. Given below are some of the medicinal and therapeutic uses of bentonite:

Bentonite has been used as an effective and safe colon cleanser since centuries, by many communities. It helps in removing the toxic substances from the digestive system and promotes proper bacterial balance in the intestines. It is also known to reduce food sensitivities by improving the digestive efficiency of the body. Apart from this, bentonite is also known to increase the T cell count, impart free oxygen in the blood stream, and fight free radicals in the body. It is also known to provide relief in case of stomach aches and bacterial food poisoning.

In short, consuming small amounts of edible bentonite can help one strengthen the overall composition of the body. But there are a lot of contradictions and arguments when it comes to consuming bentonite clay orally, and still there are many studies that are being conducted about the side effects of bentonite. Hence it is always better to consult your doctor before consuming bentonite for any medicinal advantage.

Apart from this, bentonite is used in many therapeutic processes out of which a clay pack is one of the most widely used mud packs for different relaxation and cosmetic therapies. Adding a little bit of bentonite clay in the bathtub can act as a soothing soak. It helps you soften and cleanse the skin by absorbing dirt and oil and unclogging the pores.

It is also used in various pedicure treatments as it softens the rough skin on the feet, and removes the tan and buildup from the feet, making them look clean and hygienic. Since bentonite helps in improving the skin quality by imparting the growth of new skin tissues, it is used for treating many skin disorders such as, itchy skin, skin with acne and pimples, and eczema.

Well, now you know how to use bentonite clay in various ways for different purposes. You may not be able to enjoy the commercial and industrial uses at home but you can certainly try using bentonite for small home improvement projects.

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