Simple and Easy 7th Grade Project Ideas for Your Science Fair

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Easy 7th Grade Science Fair Project Ideas

Seventh graders need to experiment with interesting science projects and reach some concrete conclusions. The article below enlists some easy 7th grade science fair project ideas.

Not every kid is enthusiastic about the whys and hows of the manner in which certain natural events occur, or the effect of a particular object/action on another. However, those who are, are always looking for manners in which they can discover newer things. Science fair projects are completely about students learning the reason behind certain functions and doing all this on their own. This simply increases their understanding and makes them completely aware of at least that particular experiment they have conducted. Some may be easy, some difficult. The idea, however, is to make sure that the effort is genuine and the result, logical.

7th grade is a time when you try to go beyond the obvious, and try to figure the whys and hows of facts that are lesser known. Though titled easy, there should be some challenge to what you are doing.

Cleaning up an Oil Spill

  • In this project, your goal will be to understand how to clear up an oil spill that usually occurs in large water bodies.
  • Take similar amounts of water in about three cups, and pour a heavy grade oil into each cup in the same amount.
  • Try to use different ways to clean out the water. Use a spoon to scoop it out, try to add sand to make the oil sink to the bottom, or a cloth (such as cheesecloth) to absorb the oil.
  • See which one is most effective, and finally try to come up with an idea in which you can make the results of this science experiment work to clear out oil spills that occur on a larger scale.

Changes in Alcohol

  • The goal of this science fair project is to monitor the effects of air on alcohol such as wine.
  • Understand the molecular structure of wine. Then, leave a glass of wine uncovered for 24 hours.
  • Study a sample of the uncovered wine to see the changes it has undergone due to the effect of remaining exposed.
  • You may notice a change in the molecular structure, and other aspects of the wine such as smell and appearance. Note down the changes to understand the impact of air on alcohol.

The Best Insulation Material

  • In this project, your goal is to figure which is the best material that can protect you from the cold. For instance, you may be able to discover the material that is suitable for insulation of a house against the cold.
  • To conduct this experiment, you will require several plastic boxes of a small and large size, in equal number.
  • Put a cube of ice in each small plastic box, and place it in the larger container.
  • In the area between the two boxes, place the insulation material. You may place Styrofoam, rockwool, or any other insulation material you think can be used.
  • Monitor the speed at which the ice in each box melts to reach a suitable conclusion.

Some More Ideas

Apart from the ideas mentioned above, here are some more with which you can experiment for the upcoming science fair. Let loose your imagination and figure out the conclusion to each of these science fair project ideas.

  • The effect of food presentation on its imagined taste
  • The amount of sugar contained in different fruits
  • The ‘optimum’ amount of sleep necessary for effective function
  • The effect of stress on bodily functions and immunity
  • The function of non-stick fry pan surfaces and how they work
  • Chemical differences between permanent and non-permanent markers
  • The effect of exercise on one’s appetite
  • The survival of a plant on milk instead of water
  • The growth rate of a plant under artificial light vs natural light
  • Bodily sensitivity levels upon an increase in heart rate
  • Factors affecting lung capacity – age, gender, smoking/non-smoking, exercise
  • The effect of music (and types of music) on work performance
  • Preserving snowflakes in a freezer
  • Difference in fizz levels of soda that is warm and soda that is chilled
  • The effect of soda on your teeth

Keep asking questions and experimenting simultaneously. You never know where you will find the answers.

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