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8th Grade Science Fair Project Ideas That are Strikingly Creative

8th Grade Science Fair Project Ideas
A science fair in school is an excellent avenue to showcase your talent in subjects that interest you. What's more, it also earns you good grades. You can experiment with some cool science projects that not only show your scientific inclination, but also your creativity.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Last Updated: May 31, 2018
As an 8th grader, you are expected to come up with something that's fun, easy to demonstrate, and imparts knowledge. You can come up with some tried-and-tested ideas and represent them in a unique manner. Do not try to go for something complicated which requires too many theoretical details to be explained.
You need to make sure your project is attractive enough, without being too flashy, which shifts the focus away from your information. You can choose a simple, well-focused experiment or project that you can explain to your friends, visitors and more importantly, the judges.
Environmental Projects
science project on environmental topics
Ideally, students never face a dearth of environmental issues to create awareness about, considering the manner in which we are plundering our natural resources. You could create a model of a volcano, or perhaps explain how tsunamis occur.

Alternatively, you can always research various renewable sources that provide us with clean energy. Another interesting idea is where you showcase the environmental damage we are causing by making a futuristic model of your town.
Project Examples:
  • Volcano Model
  • Clean Energy Sources
  • Futuristic Town
Physics Projects
science project on physics
Physics projects may be a little tougher to make, but they rank really high on the creativity factor. Here, we suggest making a simple microscope, or coming up with a list of heat retentive materials, with an explanation of how they function.

As a demonstrative project, you can present a model explaining Newton's laws of motion. Among other ideas, you can make presentations on the working of different electrical appliances like microwaves, steam irons, televisions, induction stoves, etc.
Project Examples:
  • Simple Microscope,
  • Newton's Laws of Motion
  • Heat Retentive Materials
Chemistry Projects
science project on chemistry
With chemistry as the subject, there are plenty of options to choose a project topic from. You can create a presentation on the side effects of various chemicals in medicines, household products, or cosmetics. Conducting a study on the crystalline structure of salt could be an interesting option. Studying the viscosity of various liquids can make a good project. Another offbeat idea is to study the importance of chemicals in forensic science.
Project Examples:
  • Side-effects of Medicines
  • Chemicals in Cosmetics
  • Crystalline Structure of Salt
Biology Projects
science project on biology
With biology as your subject of choice, you have a long list of options, from evolution to marine biomes/terrestrial biomes, to the food chain. Make your presentation as unique as possible, with the wide range of topics available. You can come up with a study on the various viruses that cause illness in human beings and other animals, for instance, regular flu, swine flu, or bird flu. Try making a presentation on sexual/asexual reproduction in plants.
Project Examples:
  • Marine Biome
  • Eating Healthy
  • Evolution
Animal World Projects
science project on animal life
The animal kingdom provides an exhaustive list of topics. For starters, you can come up with a comparative analysis of dominant against weak senses present in dogs and cats. You could also study the level of aggression between dogs and cats, or their hunting instincts. If you don't have these pets, there are plenty of other topics to choose from. Animal conservation is a hot topic of debate around the world, and you can study the impact of animal extinction on the environment.
Project Examples:
  • Cat's Senses V. Dog's Senses
  • Consequences of Whaling
  • Interaction Between Animals
Astronomy Projects
science project on astronomy
If you've seen a meteorite shower, or know about comets that visit our skies, you can come up with a unique presentation on their formation, and their journey through space. If you are interested in watching the night sky, you can try spotting a constellation, and make a model of it. Studying the birth and death of a star is an interesting topic too. Asteroids and planetoids, that orbit the area between Mars and Jupiter can make a good project topic as well.
Project Examples:
  • Meteorites
  • Evolution of the Sun
  • Asteroids
Finally, ensure that you clear the concepts and theories behind the project idea you've chosen. Once you understand the fundamentals of the experiment or project, you will be able to explain it well. You may need assistance from an adult in some science project ideas, so ask your parents, teachers or elder siblings for guidance. With all the efforts you'll be taking, don't forget to have fun, as it remains the most important aspect of learning.
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