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Worst Places to Live In if You are Scared of Earthquakes

Shweta Ajwani Jun 9, 2019
They are unpredictable. They are terrifying. And they are scary. Earthquakes are malevolent monsters that destroy life, creating irreparable damage. It is only natural to be scared of such catastrophes.

Did You Know?

Each year, approximately 8,000 deaths are recorded around the world due to earthquakes. In the past 4,000 years, more than 13 million deaths have been caused by earthquakes alone.
Does the thought of impending deadly earthquakes send a shiver down your spine? Do you think you should be prepared when the next one hits? Well ... no matter how perfectly you plan your escape routes and exit strategies, what is meant to be, will be.
Still, it doesn't hurt to be aware of what can happen. Who knows ... the slight chance that you took, could indeed save your life.
If earthquakes scare you, this post is going to give you a list of places you should never, ever live in. For each of these places, scientists predict that earthquakes of massive magnitudes are on their way. Continue reading to know if you are far enough from these danger zones or not.


A country that records maximum seismic activity, Japan has the misfortune of lying close to where the tectonic plates are constantly colliding with each other.
These tectonic plates are extremely thick (about 10 - 50 km) and are moving at a rate of 3.5 inches each year. The collision of these plates is what causes earthquakes.
Since it is so susceptible to earthquakes, Japan came up with strong measures to be prepared to fight them. However, nature is a stronger force to be reckoned with. Scientists have predicted that Japan is going to be struck by earthquakes in the near future, and is definitely not an earthquake-free zone.


It isn't California's fault that it lies over the major fault line of the San Andreas. This is the place where two major continental plates meet - the North American plate and the Pacific plate.
These are constantly moving towards each other, ultimately ending up in a collision. As a result, California, which lies above these plates, experiences earthquakes of massive intensities. Scientists predict the occurrence of the 'big one' - an earthquake of extreme magnitude to hit very soon.
With the rate at which the plates are moving and colliding, the prediction might just turn out to be true. They are so sure about it, that they claim it is not a question of 'whether it will happen', but 'when will it happen'.

San Francisco

The home of the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco has a deadly history of earthquakes that have destroyed human life and property on a large scale. It is one of the most 'vulnerable-to-earthquakes' American cities.
Situated on the western coastline of the United States, San Francisco lies over the Pacific Ocean's earthquake border, making it extremely susceptible to major earthquakes and other catastrophes.
Two major earthquakes have already changed the lives of San Francisco's citizens. However, scientists say that it is never the time to take a breather, since earthquakes of greater magnitudes could hit San Francisco soon.


The primary reason for regions being struck by earthquakes is their location and proximity to the areas where tectonic plates meet or collide. It is no different for Turkey.
The North Anatolian Fault (NAF) line and the East Anatolian Fault Zone (EAFZ) run across Turkey. These fault lines are pressure points where the tectonic continental plates collide with a force so strong, that earthquakes originating from here destroy all life around.
Scientists claim that northern parts of Turkey, that lie closer to Istanbul, have higher chances of being struck by earthquakes as compared to the other parts.


Indonesia has experienced innumerable natural calamities and disasters in the past, and scientists claim that its woes are far from over. Indonesia lies over the 'Pacific Ring of Fire'; it is as deadly as it sounds.
The Ring is prone to the maximum number of earthquakes, and the largest amount of volcanic activity. More than 90% of the world's earthquakes occur along the Ring of Fire. This Ring is the direct result of plate tectonics, movement, and collision of the continental and oceanic plates.
Volcanoes and earthquakes of Indonesia are among the most active. The movement and collision of the tectonic plates is unstoppable, and thus, scientists claim that Indonesia continues to be the most earthquake-prone region.













It is a natural calamity, an unavoidable hazard, an uninvited guest, and a catastrophic event. It is impossible to stop earthquakes, since it is impossible to stop the Earth's movements.
The only thing you can do is hope that you never have the misfortune of experiencing one. Also, know that these places are just more prone to earthquakes than others. In reality, an earthquake could hit any continent, any country, any state, and any city.