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For Star Wars Fans! What are Lightsabers And How Do They Work?

Suganya Sukumar Apr 29, 2019
Lightsaber is a weapon you must have spotted in the Star Wars episode, which most of us are familiar with. Let's know about this weapon and how it works from this post.
A lightsaber, also known as a laser sword, is a fictional weapon which is used in the Star Wars universe. It is about 1.33 meters in length and it appears to be made of light. There are many types of laser swords.
These are categorized into electrum, curve-hilted, tonfa-style, wrist-hilt lightsabers, etc. Considering its blade length, the weapon can be classified as short and great laser swords. A firesaber is another type.
It appears to burn with red flames on the surface of the blade. Its blade can cut through any object without any resistance but it can also be deflected by the force of another lasersword.


Diatium Power Cell

In the power cell, there will be a pack of diatium cells, which contain enormous amount of energy stored in them and it functions as the primary source of energy for it. This diatium power cell is wired to the primary crystal mount and the focusing crystal is attached to the primary crystal mount.
This is how the diatium cell powers the focusing crystal present in it. The diatium power cell generally lasts for an indefinite period but there is a possible chance of short circuit if it goes into water or if the weapon is constantly kept in 'on' mode.
It may lose its power under such circumstances. It is easy to change its power pack than to replace the batteries, because its embedded design is not designed in such a way that the batteries can be replaced often.
Diatium power cell is placed between the power field conductor and power vortex ring. The combination of power field and power vortex ring helps the energy to flow in a particular path and the energy flow will be directed to the energy gate.
The function of the energy gate is to regulate the amount of energy that is passed into the crystal energy chamber. This weapon is recharged by the plasma which is produced in the power cell.

Crystal Energy Chamber

If some problem occurs in this chamber, it may lead to detonation of the device itself. This chamber consists of:
  • Primary Crystal
  • Focusing Crystal
  • Focusing Crystal Activator
Primary crystal which is connected to the battery force, channelizes the energy to flow into the focusing crystals, which are located in the focusing crystal activator.
Crystal energy chamber is converted into arc wave which is finally converted into blade. The arc wave goes through the cycling field energizers and the final arc which comes out, becomes visible.

Controlling Mechanisms

The 'on/off' switch in this weapon is also known as the activation matrix. The blade length and power adjustment control knobs are placed near the cycling field energizers and these specs can be controlled by the user, according to the requirements.
While using its handle, one has to be very careful because the gyroscopic effect which is caused by the electric wave which is produced from the cyclic field is dangerous.
The double-bladed laser sword is considered to be the most lethal weapon because the arc/blade comes out from the handle in both directions and it is difficult to control the motion of the blade during the action. These are made by attaching two of these weapons back-to-back. The basic use of this weapon is to slice things.
There are also other applications such as deflecting the blaster bolts, melting objects, sawing pipes, lighting cigarettes, etc. Surprisingly, you too can a kid-friendly lightsaber at home. However, remember that this is a very dangerous weapon and it may be lethal to the user and also to others nearby.
To conclude with, one of the famous quotes from Star Wars episode goes as - "This was the formal weapon of a Jedi Knight. Not as clumsy or random as a blaster. More skill than simple sight was required for its use....
...An elegant weapon. It was a symbol as well. Anyone can use a blaster or a fusioncutter - but to use a lightsaber well was a mark of someone a cut above the ordinary". ~ Obi-Wan Kenobi.