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15 Everyday Struggles Only Math Haters Can Relate To

15 Struggles Only Math Haters Can Relate To
Either if you've failed at math or math has failed you (giving rise to active hatred for the subject), you are a part of a larger sympathetic community called Math Haters. And the struggles you face are unique too.
Sonal Dharmadhikari
Last Updated: Dec 17, 2018
Little boy in math class overwhelmed by the math formula
Skeleton watching TV
Close-up of writing a counting on blackboard
When mental math gives you mental agony
Miscalculation in mental math
"Add 100, multiply by 25, subtract 70..." ...and you wait till you can go bang your head on a wall.
A simple shopping trip becomes a prestige issue
silent judging stare
"That will be about..." and you are expected to come up with an answer in the pause between.

Small banes in life.
When your ability to calculate interest becomes a measure of your adulthood
mortgage calculation difficulties
Or how would you invest in shares, buy a car, mortgage a house, etc.?

I'll just have a candy, thank you.
That breaking of sweats when the teacher asks questions randomly
girl solving  a sum on the blackboard
"I may ask anyone in class to stand up and answer" is the most dangerous threat ever. Probably only next to announcing a surprise test, that is. That is pure evil.
Coming close to failing due to one bad math score, at least once
marksheet with bad math score
What others will term as, "...but all your other scores are fine, what happened in this one...?"

Exactly what you've been wondering.
Not knowing how to respond to "19 eight's are..."
interviewer asking math question
*inwardly* For the love of Einstein, don't ask!

*outwardly* ahh.....
Trying to find a math-pro date
beautiful girl solving a sum on the board
At least one of the partners shouldn't be allergic to numbers. Because like The Omnipresent, they are EVERYWHERE.
Worrying all the time if the math-pro date will judge you
nervous man
But you if remember her birthday but forget her age (which is just another number), you stand redeemed.
Questioning your existence in a lecture where nothing is understood
thinking child
Why do humans suffer? Why do wars occur? Why does nothing on the blackboard make sense?

Deep questions. No answers.
Ah, word problems
word problem
Yeah, love the 'word' part. It pretty much ends there.
Finding X is more traumatic than dealing with an 'ex'
finding x in algebraic equations
Complicated behavioral analysis over simple math problems, any day.
Math assignment = humongous phone bill
girl asking questions on phone
Because math-lover friends are nerds but such saviors to call up and pester for all the help needed in homework.
Trying to ask the importance of trigonometry in real life (and getting slapped in return)
boy wondering about math relevance
Don't act too smart, trigono's useful in flying airplanes and stuff, okay.

So what if you don't want to fly one ever?
math solving superhero
"I want to be a Scientist!"
"I want to be a Doctor!"
"I want to be an Astronaut!"
I don't want to grow up. Period.
Proving to the world that there are different types of 'intelligences'!
all rounder
I know how to paint, act, dance, cook, and write a hundred lines of a perfect prose, and be called 'intelligent'. Isn't that an eye-opening revelation? You bet!
Mathematics, physics, chemistry-student at the blackboard
Happy child homework
Isaac Newton
Though math haters seem to be many, and we ourselves may struggle with the subject, one cannot deny its importance in the most mundane to the most crucial things in the world. A bit of soul searching may reveal why one hates it so much and maybe even make peace with it. A thing less to hate is always a good thing!