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Science Fair Projects for Middle School

Neha Joshi Oct 16, 2018
Here is a grade-wise list of science fair projects, to earn you a good grade, and repute of a smart student.
There are plenty of science fair projects, but most of them are too common, for presentation . You need to present it in a different way than what has been done earlier. From all the topic ideas for middle school science fair projects, the common ones are chemistry, physics, botany, math, and biology. Go through few experiments according to each grade.

For 5th Grade

Here is a very simple experiment for students, which will need adult supervision nonetheless. Students in the 5th grade are expected to perform most of the experiments or projects on their own with only little adult supervision.
After the experiment, they are required to form a small report of their experiment stating what the experiment was about, and information about results that were achieved.

Do Balloons Always Pop When Taken Near Fire?

Name of the Experiment: Balloon Pop
Category: Chemistry
Procedure: You will need 3 things for this experiment as your apparatus. A match box, 2 balloons, and a cup of water. Blow the balloon and tie it up properly. You can use a thread to make the process a bit simpler. After this, light the match and take the balloon close to it. You will see that the balloon bursts as soon as it comes close to the flame.
Now, do the same thing with the second balloon but this time add ΒΌ cup of water inside the balloon before blowing it. You will see that the balloon doesn't burst, only the water gets heated.

For 6th Grade

Here is an experiment that will surely impress your teachers a lot. The reasons for this is that, in this experiment you are going to have to study the subject for not just a week, but for an entire month. Not that it can't be done in a week, but we do want those extra marks and grades, don't we?
One thing you must remember is that more than the presentation, (which is also important) the judges will see if you have understood the subject properly and if you can explain your experiment well.

Do Sodas Decay Teeth? If Yes, Which Soda does so the Fastest?

Name of Experiment: Sodas and Tooth Decay
Category: Chemistry
: Take 5 cups and arrange for 5 fallen out teeth. Find out 5 different types of Sodas and label the cups with the names of these sodas. Pour each soda into the respective cups and put a fallen out teeth into each cup.
Now prepare a chart and everyday or every one week, depending upon how much time you have, write down which tooth is decaying faster in comparison to rest. Draw your conclusion likewise.

For 7th Grade

This experiment usually works wonders for kids. Make sure you follow the instructions, and are guided by a parent. This experiment involves a lot of information, so make sure you have read everything about crystals and their formation. After the experiment, make a report stating the difference in time of growth for each set, and the reasons for the same.

How do Crystals Grow?

Name: Crystal Growth
Category: Physics
Procedure: For this experiment you will need three kits of crystal growing trees, each containing three trees. With the help of the instructions given in the kit, put three trees together on a sturdy surface.  Place the solution at the base of the trees by using room temperature liquid.
Do the same thing with the set of next three trees, but refrigerate the solution before placing it on the base. Record the temperature of the solution. Now, for the last three trees, heat the solution and place it at the base and record the temperature. Heat the solution with help of a parent. Now, compare time it takes for the crystals to grow in each set.

For 8th Grade

You can always present your experiment with a new approach and different style. Know your facts right so that you present the project better and answer all the questions correctly. After this experiment, make a report stating why recommendation of quantity is necessary in laundry detergents.

Does Anything Change if you Use More or Less of a Laundry Detergent than Recommended?

Name: Detergent Quantity Effects
Category: Chemistry
Procedure: Take three buckets of water and three separate shirts of the similar material. Make sure the quantity of water in the buckets for all three is exactly the same. Wash the first shirt with the recommended quantity of laundry detergent.
Wash the second one with 1 spoon more laundry detergent and the last one, with one spoon less than the recommendation. Record the difference, if any, for all the three. Compare.
These projects will help you win some good grades and prizes, and impress your teachers too. Remember that acquiring enough information and knowledge about each topic and subject is as important as doing the project. This will help you in answering all the questions correctly. Good luck!