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Try These Awesome Ideas for Your High School Science Fair!

Saptakee Sengupta Jun 22, 2019
This post will present you some topics to present in your high school science fair. Read on to know more...
Science fairs, exhibitions, and practicals are a part of high school, and thus, students try their best to come up with innovative ideas. Apart from the main streams of science, i.e., physics, chemistry, and biology, other disciplines have grown into the spotlight. These include biotechnology, analytical chemistry, earth science, environmental science, etc.
Here are some excellent topics on which to elaborate, and display your ingenuity.
  • Experiment showing the best conductor of electricity.
  • An experimental setup to show symbiosis between bacteria and plants.
  • Representing the process of germination of seeds.
  • Show the factors on which germination depends.
  • Bacterial culture in the presence of varying conditions of temperature, light, and oxygen.
  • Bacterial growth on different culture media.
  • A setup comparing the growth of plants on soil and in hydroponic medium.
  • Explaining the physics behind the dispersion of light through a prism.
  • Demonstrating how photosynthesis takes place.
  • Explaining why light attracts a large number of insects.
  • Demonstrating the growth of bread mold under varying conditions.
  • A scientific model of solar system with the planets orbiting the sun.
  • A model of the typical animal cell and its various organelles.
  • A model of the typical plant cell and its various organelles.
  • A model of a functioning solar heater.
  • Experiments to show the different methods for purifying air.
  • Demonstrating some preventive measures against soil erosion.
  • An outline of the steps involved in mummification.
  • A model to depict how deforestation affects the environment.
  • An experiment demonstrating the effect of magnetic fields on the growth of plants.
  • Depicting the effect of storage temperature on the pH level of fruit juices.
  • An experimental setup to show the growth of mushrooms.
  • A model to show the natural formation of fossil fuels.
You can form a group of two or more students to work on one idea. Share your responsibilities with your group-mates to make it a success. Do not hesitate to take help from your teachers if you face difficulties or have doubts regarding the experiments. Science fairs are great opportunities for students for demonstrating the scientific skills―embrace them.