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Middle Schoolers: Have Fun With These 7 Science Experiments!

Sujata Iyer May 6, 2019
If you're finding it difficult to come with science experiment ideas for middle school students, then you might want to take a look at the ones mentioned here.
Science projects are not easy. Or maybe it's just so for people like me, who never really took to the 'sciences'. So if you're fretting over what kind of science fair experiments you can use in middle school, then this post can be of help to you.
We've put together some simple ideas that middle school students can use for science experiments. They are educative as well as fun. Go through them and take your pick. Decide which one you want to go with and have fun preparing for the science fair. Good luck!
When it comes to science experiments, there's no real boundary. There are tons that you can try at school and home. That's because science is all around us. Everywhere we look, there is an evidence of something scientific. It could be a light bulb or a pair of scissors.
Almost everything we see is governed by some laws of some branch of science. Isn't that enough material for a science experiment? Nevertheless, we have mentioned some here.

Soil-less Gardening

Ever heard of gardening without soil? If not, then here's an interesting earth science experiment. Take a few seeds. Place them in a plastic bag which is filled with wet paper towels. In another plastic bag, place seeds in wet newspaper.
In one more plastic bag, place seeds in some water. Add water to the paper towels and newspaper when they get dry. Observe and record if the seeds sprout and you can reach the conclusions.


Here's an interesting chemistry experiment that you can use as a science fair project. Make a portable volcano with baking soda! You need to take a soda bottle and place it in a plate. Make a mold using flour, salt, cooking oil, and water; ratio being 3:1:2:1. Make sure the mold is steady. Keep the mouth of the bottle open.
Now fill the bottle with warm water and a few sprinkles of soap powder. You can add a bit of food color for dramatic effect. Then add the baking soda to the solution.
Once this is done, at the time of the display, pour vinegar into the solution and watch it erupt into a mini-volcano. Also, have a chart explaining the chemical reaction between the soda and the vinegar, which results in the production of CO2. Pressure builds up and the eruption takes place.

Density Experiment

Here is another idea for a middle school science fair project: checking the density of eggs. What you need to do is place an egg in a jar or tub of water. Check if it floats or sinks. Make a record of it. Then add a little salt to the water. Check if there is any change in the behavior of the egg.
Does it still float or sink? Make a note of the change. Then, add some sugar to the solution. Again check if there is any change in the egg. Does it sink further or float if it was already sinking? Note all these changes, and compare your notes. Reach a conclusion according to your readings.
Given are some other ideas that may interest you.
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Those were some fun and creative science experiments that you can try if you're in middle school. You're sure to have a blast preparing and performing them. Just be safe and nothing will go wrong. Have fun!