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Magnetic Power Generator

Kundan Pandey Jun 3, 2019
Magnetic power generators have become popular choices for alternative electricity sources in many households. With its increasing popularity, it has landed in numerous controversies. Read on to know more about this device...
A magnetic power generator, as the name suggests, is an electricity generator that uses magnetic power to develop electricity.
One of the most intriguingly beautiful topics in physics is the interrelation between electricity and magnetism. This interrelation makes for an interesting link between electricity generation and magnets.
Using electricity, electromagnets are created with conducting wires, and are used for various purposes in daily life, such as electric motors, microwaves, etc. Similarly, a fast-moving magnet can be used to generate electricity. Despite its reputation as the most boring thing in the world, physics can sometimes makes us marvel!

How to Build Magnetic Generators to Generate Electricity?

The working of these generators is not very difficult to understand, since they work on principles similar to conventional generators. These generators use magnetic energy to create continuous motion. They use three magnets, two of which oppose each other, causing a reactionary force and producing energy.
The third magnet is used to balance the other two. This machine is believed to work for a much longer time than normal generators. Currently, this machine is not produced on a large scale, and is just restricted to a few owners or small enterprises. Reports state that their popularity, however, is steadily increasing.

Is It a Scam?

Since its release in 2002, magnetic generators have been embroiled in various controversies. There are different schools of thoughts associated with these generators, chiefly due to the claims of people who have constructed it, that these generators provide free electrical energy for homes.
The idea behind 'free energy' is that the capital invested in constructing and installing these generators is negligible when compared to its returns. This makes these generators an ideal choice for home owners.
However, some say that corporates and firms that produce electrical generators have created the negative vibe about these generators, to negate what could be a serious threat to their business.
Nevertheless, this argument seems too weak for consideration, because firms and technologies working in energy sector will, for sure, utilize or grab any idea that is bound to be so commercially successful.
Basically, when seen as an alternative energy source, they're definitely a good choice. However, their construction, merits, demerits, dangers must be properly researched, analyzed, and only then must they be used. The larger picture related to magnetic power generators will slowly become clearer as the market opens up. Till then, keep the research going!