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How Does Laser Thermometer Work

How Does Laser Thermometer Work
Laser thermometers are widely used in the industrial and research processes. It can measure the temperature without even touching the object. Let's find out the working and various applications of a laser thermometer.
Niharika Arya
Last Updated: May 31, 2018
Earlier the temperature of an object was calculate manually and the temperature recorded was not so accurate. The invention of laser thermometers have become a landmark in the world of thermometers. Laser thermometers are very helpful in detecting the temperature from the area which are not physically accessible like very cold or very hot ones.

How do Laser Thermometers Work?
A laser thermometer is a device which works on the principle of infrared thermometers, laser is just to know the direction from where the temperature is being recorded. It calculates the temperature of the object by observing the emissivity (infrared rays emitted by the object) of the area where the laser light falls. Every object emits infrared radiations. In the thermometer, there is a lens which focuses the infrared energy on the detector. Then the detector further converts the electrical energy into the temperature values. These values are then displayed on the digital screen.

Laser thermometers are very useful in the area where there is an electromagnetic field or the object of which the temperature has to be recorded is kept in a vacuum or in some controlled atmospheric conditions. For quickly recording the temperature, best option available in the market is the laser thermometer. Its working depends upon its size and its usage. It is also used as a cooking thermometer which can perform its task without even touching the food.

How do Laser Thermometers Work Without Touching the Food?
Many well-known chefs and hotels use laser thermometer to find out the temperature of the food. As in some recipes if the chef wants to maintain a particular temperature or may be he wants to add ingredients to the recipe at the right temperature then the task become very easy with laser thermometers. Other cooking thermometers take much time to give the reading which can be very late for the further process, but with laser thermometers, you can get instant readings whenever you want. For measuring the temperature you don't have to pierce the food also. There are some disadvantages of the laser thermometers like it sometimes calculates the reflected lights infrared radiations with the food infrared radiations which adds to the temperature. So, while taking the temperature of the food keep the light of the room dim and try to cover the reflected light with some cloth or tape.

Applications of Laser Thermometers
Laser thermometers can be used in various sectors. Following are some of the applications and their importance in various sectors.
  • It helps in the fire fighting operations. As the temperature can be detected without touching the site the laser thermometer can inform about the temperature which is going to reach a combustion stage.
  • If you want to locate a hot area on the electric circuit board or on some mechanical equipment you can easily find out the place with a laser thermometer.
  • You can measure the temperature of the oven or the heaters while cooking or heating something.
  • Laser thermometers are of great use for researches or while performing experiments.
Laser thermometers are available in various sizes and shapes in the market. They are very user-friendly, fast and accurate.