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5 Easy and Unique Invention Ideas for Kids to Make

Invention Ideas for Kids to Make
Parents always want their children to pursue their creative interests, be it in art, dramatics, cooking, or even academics. We've brought you a set of ideas that can help your children make excellent use of their spare time.
Charlie S
Last Updated: Aug 6, 2018
Children painting bird houses
Children have always been blessed with a curious mind. It is only as they grow up that they begin to become a little standoffish and lazy. An eager and creative mind can certainly be put to good use, especially in case of children.
While they may have their studies to attend to, or hobbies to pursue, parents need to channel their energy into teaching them some extra skills. So here are some ways to keep your children busy.
Get Crafty
Any suggestions regarding craft ideas can make parents break into cold sweat. They visualize the mess and the cleaning that follows these chaotic experiments. But it needn't necessarily be that way.
What Are You Making With This
Ensure that you make a box that holds all the leftover wrapping papers, ribbons, craft decorations and paper. Bring it out whenever the kids feel bored. Hand it over to the children along with some glue and scissors, and ask them to come up with something creative using just those things.
Give them complete freedom to do what they wish to, and see what they come up with. It could be a wind chime or even a ditzy wall hanging. Put it up and encourage them to be inspired.
Design the Future
Little Girl Painting In At Her Home
Kids love to play with clay dough, and many can be at it for hours. It certainly is a fun activity, and there are ways to make it better. Encourage the child to make shapes of how they visualize spaceships to be, or even make a model of their favorite car.
Just keep a condition - their work should not match anything they've seen on TV, in magazines or books, or on the Internet. This way, you would even be able to gauge the child's capacity to create new things.
Become Food-wise
Family cooking fun
If your children are interested in cooking and if you're comfortable with the idea of letting them into the kitchen, this could be fun. Let kids get creative with making something from scratch - it could be baking, frying, roasting, blending or simply tossing.
Can you help me, daddy
Let their creativity flow into their work, and they could end up making something that is different and nameless, not to mention original and divine-tasting. The children will derive immense satisfaction from what they do, and make them confident enough to be experimental.
Twist the Game
Happy family spending a day outdoors and playing board game
Children these days are no longer as fascinated with indoor games as the older generation. However, even this can be changed. Introduce your children to board games or card games, and spark an interest.
As they get proficient, ask them to make a twist in the rules that would make the game more interesting. It may not be complicated or out of the ordinary, but it does inspire children to invent something that makes the game interesting. Keep twisting a rule every week, and you'll end up with a game that is entirely devised by your child.
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Reduce Reuse Recycle
Children need to be taught the importance of keeping our planet clean and green. They do learn a lot about it in school, but wouldn't it be better if they put their mind to it and come up with techniques to do so?
Boy Carrying Recycle Bin
Encourage them to come up with ideas to use up waste material like paper scraps, old clothing, broken toys, or anything that would have been thrown away. Teach them the importance of recycling and make it interesting enough for them to gladly pursue it.
The curiosity that children have can match up to that of a cat's. It only makes sense to channel it in the right direction and guide them to spend their time wisely. By doing this, you can ensure that they are being productive, and your kids will have their collectible memories.