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Invention Ideas for Kids

Pankaj Chobharkar Jun 10, 2019
The following paragraphs will provide you with some amazing ideas for inventions.
Creating or designing something is all about thinking beyond the obvious. Imagine if Newton had not thought differently about the apple that fell on him, we wouldn't have known about gravity. It is the perfect example of thinking differently about a very ordinary event.
Look around and ask yourself, what can you make easier than it is? What can you do more effectively by using less resources? Can you solve something that is believed to be impossible?

Cool Invention Ideas

Alternative Energy

This field has a lot of scope for any kind of new innovations. All the natural resources on Earth are depleting at a fast pace. You can invent new ways to utilize the current energy sources more efficiently, or you can discover a new energy source itself.
Biofuel is an excellent example of an innovation in this field. It is a fuel that is produced from biological substances like various oils and alcohols, etc. Try to develop your own biofuel process with some new substances.


If we could recycle all the waste we generate, half of our problems will be solved. Recently, E-waste has become a serious problem in this area. Thus, if you could find ways to recycle stuff and reuse it there would be very less problems regarding shortage of materials.
Another problem with waste is that there is almost no place left to dump it. And some types of waste like plastic don't get decomposed for hundreds of years. Thus, you can also invent a way to get rid of the waste material.

Software Applications

These days, kids are found glued to the computer instead of the TV. So why not make something useful from it. You can write a small software application to perform some computer related tasks with more ease.
Like may be a small program, which detects the computer configuration. You don't need to be a geek to be able to do that. All you need is computer programming basics. One such easy computing language is 'C'. You can find numerous tutorials on the web for learning this language.

Improving Life

You will find tons of ideas in your own house. You can make devices that can clean your room, or control all the devices in your house with your cell phone.
You can also make use of the space in your house more effectively or folding furniture, or a stand for your TV that can be controlled with a remote to move the TV in any direction you want, or you can make some device to find things that often get lost like glasses, etc.

Some More Ideas

  • An alarm for your personal diary that goes off whenever someone tries to read it.
  • A security system for your home that sends you an SMS if someone is trying to break in when you are away on a vacation.
  • A device that can be fitted into a water bottle to keep the water inside it clean.
  • A device that can charge your mobile as you speak on it by converting your sound energy into electrical energy.
  • A small device that can take notes as you speak.
  • An air conditioned jacket (a weird invention, but might prove useful).
  • A computer game where you learn more than you shoot and kill.
  • A pad on which you write with a special pen, and the written matter gets stored in the memory device attached to it. Great for people who prefer the old way of writing, rather than typing on a keyboard.