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Interesting Facts about a Tornado

Kashmira Lad Sep 26, 2018
Dangerous and terrifying in their appearance, tornadoes cause fear and destruction wherever they occur depending upon their intensity. Here are some interesting facts about tornadoes.
Popularly known as twisters, tornadoes are a destructive natural phenomenon. They are one of the most dangerous storms. They occur mainly in the US, although they can occur anywhere across the globe. Frightful and terrifying, they are fierce columns of air that rotate at a high speed. This is what causes destruction to whatever comes in the way of a tornado.

Amazing Facts

A tornado always rotates either clockwise or counterclockwise. A large amount of dust is thus raised due to these cyclonic winds. It can occur anytime of the year. However, reports reveal that many of them occur in the month of May. There is no specific size of a tornado, and their wind speeds are recorded to be between 40 mph to 110 mph.
Tornado can travel many kilometers, causing severe destruction. One cannot say if a tornado is of a particular color. Its color depends upon the environment where it occurs. When the surrounding areas are dry, a tornado may appear partly invisible. The color also depends upon the time of the day. It may appear dark to the observer, if the sun is behind it.
These funnel shaped twisters can move in any direction. However on an average, it is said they move from southwest to the northwest direction.
People who have witnessed such forces of nature have also reported loud sounds, which are associated with them in close proximity. Experts opine that these sounds are related to the present atmospheric conditions of the surrounding areas, and they range from that of a gushing waterfall to the noise of a jet engine.
The twisters mainly occur when the warm air from the ground level rushes upwards and meets the cool dry air. This causes the former to cool down, which further leads to the condensation of moisture, resulting in a thundercloud that grows in height. The winds at different levels cause the twister to get its distinctive funnel shape.
Tornadoes are known to cause massive destruction wherever they occur. They have the force to uproot trees, damage houses to the extent of ripping off the rooftops, overturn vehicles causing loss of property and life, etc.
These funnel shaped tornadoes mainly occur in areas of Southern Canada, Southern Africa, regions of Southeast Asia, etc. These also take place in some areas of northwestern Europe, and southeastern regions of Australia and New Zealand.
The term called 'tornado family' refers to the occurrence of many tornadoes at the same time.
There are many types of tornadoes, which are defined by their intensity and related other factors. For example, a multiple vortex tornado has many columns of air. This is seen rotating around a single center. The satellite tornado is a much weaker form of the main tornado, and is seen around the larger one.