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Importance of Learning and Understanding Science

Divya Bichu Feb 8, 2019
Science is certainly a fascinating and interesting subject. Let's look at the subject from a different point of view. And at the end of this post, you will definitely agree with science being an interesting subject. Keep reading.
Does science remind you of your school days, where there were labs, chemicals, digestive system, circuits, weird scientific names, inventions, discoveries and what not? And finally to test what you have absorbed, exams! Does it still haunt you? Science is a subject liked by very few in school, however, its importance is massive.
Science is not a subject you study only in school, in fact you study it and experience it everyday. Look at things around you, all of them have a scientific mechanism behind their function. It wouldn't have been possible for you to even read this post without the advancement of science.
A simple action of an apple falling from a tree involved a deep science, of course we call it gravitational force now. Learning and understanding the importance of the various branches of science is a continuous process and not just restricted to textbooks and practicals.
What follows next is a detailed discussion about what understanding science does to develop oneself and his country at large.

Technological Advancement

The technological development we experience is due to the scientific theories involved in them. Imagine your life without the Internet, cell phones, television, cars and the other machines. Seems difficult, isn't it?
It is only after learning and understanding the various theories of science, such machines were created and developed. The deeper you delve, while studying science, the more complex technologies you discover and employ them in making gadgets and machines, which only make our way of life more comfortable and easier.

Develops a Rational Attitude

The best thing about learning and understanding science is that every theory or law has a concrete reasoning and conclusive proof to it. And that is exactly what science teaches us; to not follow anything blindly. Which in turn, helps develop a rational attitude.
There are a number of superstitions and blind beliefs followed all over the world, a scientifically rational person will always question such beliefs and find out whether they are really worth following. Developing a rational attitude not just helps in self-development but also helps the country progress.

Increases Exploration and Curiosity

Scientific knowledge develops a rational attitude, which in turn, gives rise to curiosity and the greed to explore; to reach a mature conclusion.
Once you start learning and understanding science, you want to know more about it. If the study of science is inculcated in kids from a tender age, not as a subject they fear, but in a way that generates curiosity and instigates them to explore more, then these little minds are sure to come up with some wondrous ideas.

Inventions and Discoveries

Science has a lion's share in all the discoveries and inventions possible till date while some probably are in the making.
There will be a time when scientists or researchers will develop low-emission vehicles, substitutes for petrol and other exhaustible sources of energy, new devices, life-saving medicines, and it would be possible only because of science.
It plays an important role in developing skills to overcome obstacles and challenges posed before us. To achieve great discoveries and inventions, one has to master scientific theories about the nature of different things.
Learning and understanding the importance of science forms the basis for a whole new creative and innovative world. Hence, it is important to encourage teaching and learning this valuable subject, Science!
Here is a quote that defines science in the best way possible; Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure Science. - Edwin Powell Hubbles.