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Properties and Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide You Should Know About

Poushali Ganguly Mar 23, 2019
If you want to know more about this beneficial chemical called hydrogen peroxide, read this post.
Hydrogen Peroxide is a very useful chemical nowadays because water pollution is increasing everyday and to control the same there has to be an effective method, which would not transfer the pollutants but purify water in a proper manner.
The role of hydrogen peroxide starts here since it is an oxidizer, which appears like water and at times even behaves like water. Its formula is H2O2 and it is safe to use it as a purifier.
In fact, it is considered a better purifier than chlorine compounds and the best part about using it as a purifier is that it forms Hydroxyl radicals that are quite strong as oxidants in fact even stronger than fluorine.


  • Hydrogen peroxide as stated is a colorless liquid and has much in common with water. It looks like a diluted solution, which has more viscosity than water.
  • It contains hydrogen and water and turns out to be a highly reactive chemical.
  • The freezing point of hydrogen peroxide is -0.4 degree Celsius and the boiling point is 150-152 degree Celsius.
  • Hydrogen for its similarity with water is also known as "Oxygen Water". There is only one extra oxygen molecule in hydrogen peroxide.
  • It behaves like weak acid and can be used as a bleaching agent as well apart from being used as a purifier and a disinfectant.


Hydrogen peroxide is used on a large scale in the bleaching industries and as a substitute for chlorine-based substances. It is also used to manufacture Sodium Perborate and Sodium percarbonate, which are also bleaches used in laundries to wash dirt off these clothes.
Hydrogen peroxide not only works as a bleaching agent for clothes, it also does the same for human hair. Domestically it is used to clean wounds and is very effective to get rid of the dirt, germs and microorganisms that can enter the body through an injury.
It is also present in human body and works as a part of the immune system. Hydrogen Peroxide is used for controlling odor, in industries for metal oxidation and corrosion, for disinfecting and many other such industries.


The main advantages of using hydrogen peroxide are innumerable. H2O2 is safe to use. It does not produce poisonous gases neither does it leave behind any kind of chemical residues that might be difficult or harmful for earth's atmosphere to decompose. It dissolves with water and does not prove toxic for the aquatic animals as well.
There is no problem of osmosis, or rather concentration when Hydrogen peroxide dissolves with water because it completely combines with water. It is also a versatile chemical, which increases the scope of its usage.
Since people have identified the advantages of using this chemical, its use has grown manifold and in all kinds of industries ranging from food processing to petrochemicals and detergents. It not only is used by human beings but also by plants which is not only a substitute fir eater but also acts as an effective insecticide without toxins.