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How to Teach Multiplication in Fabulously Easy Ways

Shashank Nakate Apr 21, 2019
Multiplication can be a bit difficult to teach, but with the correct method, it is easy as anything. Read on to know more...
Teaching multiplication can be made interesting by the use of various tricks and techniques. Beginners should not be taught cumbersome and tedious procedures to multiply, which, in most cases, repel them from the interesting subject of arithmetic. In order to avoid this problem, easy-to-use methods need to be devised for making the topic understandable.

Easy Tips

Simplifying the concepts of arithmetic and mathematics, in general, makes the study interesting. Children should be taught in an easily comprehensible manner.
✦ The first and foremost thing that one should explain is the meaning of multiplication. The expression 3 + 3 + 3 = 9 is quite easy for a kid to understand. The expression 3 x 3 = 9, on the other hand, can be complicated, though it means the same thing. It is, therefore, necessary to explain that multiplication is actually just repeated addition.
✦ The activity of drawing a multiplication table chart is one of the ways to help children learn multiplication easily.
The relationship that exists between numbers to be multiplied and their answers is understood in a better manner through this activity. Commonly used answers of multiplication are fed into the memory on a permanent basis.

✦ Flash cards also prove to be useful. This method can be used to reinforce a child's memory.

Using Arrays

Use of arrays makes the process of learning multiplication interesting. It is especially helpful for those who are visual learners. Arrays are blocks of dots, or any other easily comprehensible shapes.
The first number in the process of multiplication is represented by the topmost row of dots, and the column of dots that extends downward from the first dot in the topmost row represents the second number. Adding the number of dots represented by this entire grid gives the answer.
Teaching the concepts of arithmetic in an easy-to-understand manner is necessary for kids to grasp them quickly and properly. The tricks and techniques presented here are time-tested, and their usefulness has been proven.