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How to Multiply Fractions

Arjun Kulkarni Mar 5, 2019
If you want to learn how to multiply fractions, then this write-up is the perfect read. Have a look...
One of the basic math lessons includes the treatment of fractions. The addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division are important in the realm of math. Certain intricacies in the concept appears to have left students in the lurch, making them wonder how to conquer the number addled gauntlet. Let us see some ways to tackle fractions.

Multiplying Fractions with Whole Numbers

By putting '1' in place of the denominator, you turn a whole number into a it. Multiplying two fractions is very easy. All you have to do is multiply the two numerators, and then multiply the two denominators. And you have the answer.
Question: 3 × 4/5

Here 3 is a whole number while 4/3 is fraction. So first convert the whole number into one.

3/1 × 4/5

= 3×4 / 1×5

= 12/5

Multiplying with Different Denominators

Multiply the two numerators and the two denominators.


4/5 × 5/9

= 4×5 / 5×9

= 20/45

Multiplying Mixed Fractions

The first step is to convert the mixed fraction into an improper fraction. You can do this by multiplying the integer to the denominator, and adding the numerator to the result. The denominator will be the same as that of the mixed fraction. Then multiply the two numerators and denominators, and you can get your answer.
Question: 3 4/3 × 5 4/3

= 13/3 × 19/3

=13 × 19/3 × 3

= 247/9

Multiplying with Variables

Now, if you have variables in a fraction, you have to again proceed in the same way. Multiply the variables in the numerators and the variables in the denominators.

xy/z × a/bc

= xya/zbc

This would comprehensively cover everything related to your query about the ways to multiply fractions. Hopefully, this would be a good referential guide to your homework. Multiplying fractions has become quite easy.