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How to Filter Radiation from Water

Dhanashree Patane Feb 8, 2019
Radiation once exposed can conquer all the natural elements. Even water is one of the elements stricken by infiltration of radioactive substances. Here are some effective fixes, on how to filter radiation from water.
Nuclear energy is well-known to mankind. But with a few natural calamities and accidents that have occurred till date, we also know the hazards and the ill effects of the emission of radioactive substances, as a result of decay of these substances or also due to nuclear fission.
With the recent tragedy that struck the nuclear reactors in japan, the damage has gone far beyond the earthquake, destruction of human life, and natural resources in the region. The nuclear plant has been leaking dangerous radioactive substances. This leakage has infiltrated the air, soil and water too. It has spread furiously across the globe.
The radioactive isotopes in these natural elements can cause hazardous effects to the human body. A serious concern today is of the contamination of food and water with radiation.
Major radioactive substances like Strontium 90, Iodine 131 and Cesium 137, have been detected in increasing quantities. Though the level of these substances in water has not reached to an alarming level, their exposure to the human body is extremely dangerous.
Technology and research has come up with solutions like bottled drinking water, that is also available in gallons. However, these may not be effective solutions in terms of cost and availability for a long time. We have compiled certain measures that can help you filter radiation from water.

How to Remove Radiation from Drinking Water

Water is the most important element required in our body and any compromise on its purity can pose serious health risks. In a situation like radiation in drinking water, finding a remedy becomes more tough and important. Here are some options that can be used for eliminating radioactive traces in drinking water.

Reverse Osmosis

This is a purification system that is effective to get rid of radiation from water. This process works with running the water through tiny openings, while water is pushed in force that will trap any harmful contaminants like, iodine-131, iodine-129, uranium, etc.
This process can wash out minerals too and imbalance the natural contents in the water. You may want to add minerals and salts that can help to balance the acidity and alkalize the water after filtration.
Another drawback of this method is that a lot of water may get wasted in the process. However, there are many options in the market for these water filters, get help from some research and reverse osmosis reviews, to choose the most effective one.

Water Purification Tablets

There are many tablets and pills designed today for the purification of water from radioactive substances. These tablets are available in the market today and are iodine based. They are effective to get rid of radiation content in water and are convenient to use. Make sure you get some reviews and study on any tablets for water purification before purchase.

Natural Filtration of Water

There is a natural solution to remove radioactive traces from water. Certain substances like clay soil, charcoal, etc., are good filters to absorb radiation. The first option is to make a filter with clay soil.
You may also use a container. You will also need clay soil, do not use art clay, or sand soil, only clay soil has the property to absorb radiation. This soil is available in your garden, just dig 6 inches of earth, and you have a layer soil with good amount of clay. In the bucket, drill holes in the bottom for the filtered water to pass.
Now put some pebbles, or spoons and forks, wired hangers, etc., in the bottom and place a cloth on this, with the edges hanging out of the bucket. Heap the soil on this cloth, and layer with wash cloth again. Now simply pour water through these filter layers. The water that filters will be free of any contamination.
You may also use powdered charcoal. Mix and stir powdered charcoal for 20 minutes in the contaminated water. You may use 4 to 5 cups of charcoal in the process, repeat twice and keep the water standing for 24 hours. Now filter this water, to get pure and clean drinking water.

Ion Exchange

An ion exchanger typically works as a water softener. In this process, the radioactive ions attach to the resin compounds that are present in the exchanger. It effectively removes certain radioactive particles like barium, radium and strontium and improves the water quality. A good certified ion exchanger can be the best choice for water purification.


Distillation is one process, that is successful for treating radiated water. This process can remove heavy metal, salts, microbes and radioactive iodine from water. A good and effective counter top water distiller can help you with distillation of the water. But sometimes, minerals too are washed out in this process and may make the water taste bland.
Removing radiation from water is not a very difficult task, but considering the fact about radiation infiltration in water, it is wise to make sure the filtration process runs effectively. We hope that this information on removing radiation from water, has given you at least a few solutions, to tackle radioactive contaminants of water.