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A Simple Step-wise Guide on How is Paper Made

Deeptee A Jun 18, 2019
Paper is ubiquitous, this is the reason, may be, that we never think too much about how it originated and how is it produced. This write-up includes information about its history and the production process, in brief.
Life without paper is unimaginable. Printing and writing are the two most important things that it is used for. However, it has several other uses too. It has been one of the most important inventions for the benefit of the mankind.
Its invention dates back to the Ancient Egyptian era and they were the first people to produce it. Their paper was called the Egyptian papyrus. The methods of production have developed since then.

Making Paper From Trees

Paper is made from the wood of trees or it is recycled. Some types are also made from a special variation of cloth, rags, and also from grass. There are certain farms where trees are planted and grown for the sole purpose of making paper from them.
Two types of wood are used, hardwood and softwood. These wood types do not make very good products individually, and hence they are combined for a better quality product, which is not only strong but also smooth.

Step One

There are trees planted solely for the purpose of paper production. Trees like spruce and pine are grown specifically for this purpose. These trees are grown and looked after well. When they have suitably grown up, they are chopped and brought down.

Step Two

The bark of the tree is separated and the wood is all washed thoroughly. After washing and cleaning the wood, the wood is chopped in small blocks. Once the wood is ready in small blocks, the next process involves testing the wood for any metallic particles. A strong magnet is passed over the wood blocks to remove all the metal from the wood.

Step Three

Once the wood is free of all the other materials, the next process begins. In this process, the pulp is extracted from the wood. There are various means of removing the pulp.
One method uses a grinder, another method extracts the pulp with the help of a pulp digester, and there are other methods which use strong chemicals to extract pulp from the wood blocks. Various chemicals and water or steam are used in these methods to extract the wood pulp. This pulp contains wood fibers and cellulose which are needed to make paper.

Step Four

Now that the cellulose and the fibers are ready, the next process begins. This is an important process where the pulp is bleached in order to purify the pulp before making the paper. All the impurities in the pulp are removed making the pulp ready for manufacturing.

Step Five

Now, the actual process starts, and it is done with the help of a machine, which has four sections. In the first section, water and minerals are added to the pulp and then drained from the pulp. The result is the formation of a paper web. Next, this web goes through another process where it is pressed so that all the remaining water is squeezed out.
Next, it goes through a dryer where the web is further dried and is made completely devoid of water. The last process is where the paper is coated with starch and with minerals. These things make it strong and smooth. It needs to be allowed to dry for quite some time after the last process. Then, it is rolled into a roll.

Step Six

With the help of a blade coater, the paper is given a coat to make it shiny, smooth, and to increase its overall quality.
If it is required to be glossy and extra smooth, then it goes through the super-calendering machine, where it is heated up and cut into smaller rolls. These sheets are then cut according to the customer's requirements. Dyes are used to give it the required color.
These were the steps involved in making paper from wood. Over a number of years, these processes have been modified and shortened with the advent of mechanization. This great invention has made it possible for you to enjoy making your favorite crafts, enjoy reading your favorite books, and enjoy writing.