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Hot Air Plastic Welding Equipment

Palmira S Oct 6, 2018
The examples of welding dates back to Iron Age and Stone Age. Hot air plastic welding was first practiced in the Middle East and Europe.
Hot air plastic welding equipment provides strong and excellent quality welds. A weld of 20 mm to 50 mm is produced. You can choose from a variety of machines available, to weld plastic.


DSH-BX hot air gun

The welding temperature can be adjusted electronically. The precision of temperature control is high, so it is suitable for high temperatures and for long-run utilization. Along with plastic welding, it also performs thermal plastic molding and docking operations.
The welding done by this tool is leak-proof and accurate. The DSH-BX has large impeller blades for increasing air flow through the heating element. The gun consists of five segmented ceramic disk insulators, which allow expansion during heating and compression during cooling.

DSH-D hot air gun

Its temperature control precision is high and it can work continuously for 24 hours. It can reach up to a temperature of 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. The gun is equipped with a heat-proofing technique to protect the covering.
This equipment consists of a motor of superior quality which employs a high temperature bearing and heat reducing alloy carrier, that helps in keeping the motor components cool. The machine consists of spindles which results in smooth operation.
It is encapsulated with a segmented ceramic insulator, which allows expansion and contraction during heating and cooling, respectively. It consists of impeller blades which help to increase the flow resulting in increased speed.

DSH-E hot air gun

The welding temperature can be adjusted according to the quality of the material to be welded. Welding rods, having different specifications, are also used. This equipment is safe as well as reliable. It can be used for different purposes like plastic molding and docking operations.

DSH-X hot air gun

This gun is used worldwide. It's safe and reliable, hence making it popular. This plastic welding tool has been provided with double insulation, thus enhancing the protection of the user. It can be used for welding any kind of plastic.

DSH-91 hot air gun

A knob for adjusting the temperature is an integral part of this gun. This knob makes it an ideal tool for heating material of different quality. The heating temperature ranges from 40 to 650 degrees. The rated voltage is 220 volts, maximum power is 700 watt, while the frequency is 50 hertz.

Volcano hot air gun

The heating temperature provided is 40 to 700 degrees. This tool is easy and flexible to operate. The gun requires a voltage of 220 volts and a frequency of 50 hertz.

Standard End Nozzle for hot air plastic welding gun

It is mostly favored for vinyl floor welding, car bumper repair, and plastic fabrication. This equipment is engraved with nozzles which adds strength to the gun.
Such equipment requires a high level of precision. Therefore, a welder should be aware of all the tips and techniques, while using the gun.