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How to Make a Cost-effective and Spooky Homemade Fog Machine

Homemade Fog Machine
Are you looking to create a scary and realistic Halloween-like setting for your theme party? Then, go through this article for more information, as we have mentioned 5 simple techniques to create a homemade fog machine.
Prashant Magar
Last Updated: Apr 28, 2018
Creating the right ambiance enhances the feel and mood of any party. Now, if your party theme involves having a smoky or foggy ambiance then choosing a fog machine that is commonly available on the market is always a convenient option.
You can also opt to experiment and design your own homemade fog machine that will give you a rare sense of achievement. Not to mention, the money saved in the process can be used to further the theme of the party. The ingredients required in these methods can be easily procured at any local store.
Some people may react differently to the generated fog and prolonged exposure to it through any of the following methods can lead to allergies or breathing problems. However, using trusted and commonly used ingredients, properly is rarely known to cause any harm. Let's look at five simple ways to create fog artificially.
Method I - With Distilled Water and Glycerin...
You will need...
✦ A glass container
✦ 1 spoon
✦ 1 candle
✦ 1 small aluminum foil cup
✦ 1 soda bottle
✦ A knife
✦ Tongs
✦ A scotch tape
✦ 3-4 tablespoons of glycerin
✦ ½ cup of distilled water
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  • Fill the glass container with 3 or more tablespoon of glycerin, depending on how thick you want the fog to form and then add 1/2 cup of distilled water.
  • Stir the mixture thoroughly, till the glycerin dissolves.
  • Now, prep the apparatus. First fix and light the candle, next cut the top 8 inches of the soda bottle as shown in the image and attach the soda bottle to the aluminum foil cup with scotch tape.
  • Next, using tongs carefully hold the foil cup, just above the burning candle and pour a little amount of fog fluid into the soda bottle.
  • Now, wait patiently for a couple of minutes, until the mixture heats up and then you will get to see nicely formed thick fog.
Method II - With Hot Water...
You will need...
✦ A jug
✦ 1 cup of hot water
✦ 1 Ziploc bag
✦ 7-8 ice cubes
  • Fill the jug with 1 cup of hot water.
  • Next, take the Ziploc bag and fill it with 7-8 ice cubes.
  • Then, cover the jug with the Ziploc bag, that is filled with ice.
  • When water vapor comes in contact with ice, it creates fog.
Method III - With Rubbing Alcohol...
You will need...
✦ 1 Soda bottle (2-liter)
✦ 1 cup of hot water
✦ 1 medicine dropper
✦ 3 drops of rubbing alcohol
✦ 1 ice-cube
  • Fill the soda bottle with 1 cup of hot water.
  • Now using a medicine dropper, take 3 drops of rubbing alcohol and add it to the bottle with hot water.
  • Next, place a cube of ice on the top of the soda bottle.
  • You will see fog developing instantly, due to the rubbing alcohol in the bottle.
Method IV - With Dry Ice...
You will need...
✦ Safety gloves and tongs
✦ An insulated container with a locking lid
✦ A small portable fan
✦ A drill
✦ 1 pound dry ice and
✦ ½ gallon of hot water
Please Note:
  • Always wear protective gloves, while handling dry ice to prevent severe frostbite.
  • And don't forget dry ice is nothing but solidified carbon dioxide; and inhaling too much could be suffocating.
  • Cut two big holes at the sides of the insulated container, one for the small fan to fit and the other one for the fog to exit.
  • Now, fill the container with ½ gallon of hot water.
  • Next, drop the block of dry ice into the container and cover it with the locking lid.
  • You will notice fog pouring out as dry ice begins to melt and by using a small fan, you are directing the fog to spread around the room.
  • One pound of dry ice will last for about 4 hours, to make it last longer increase the dry ice quantity.
Method V - With Mineral Oil...
You will need...
✦ An insulated 2-gallon container
✦ 2 ft. ⅜ inch copper tubing
✦ 4 quarts of mineral or baby oil
✦ A drill
✦ A compressor
✦ 1 ¼-inch, ABS barbed tee fitting
✦ 1 liter of chilled water or ice
  • Use a strong insulated container for the main part of the setup. Fill the container with mineral oil or baby oil, whichever is available.
  • Drill 3-4 small holes at the end of the copper tube, now insert this end of the pipe into the container and make sure it touches the bottom of the bucket.
  • Seal the container tightly, now drill 2 openings at the top of the lid, one to allow 1 ¼ inch ABS barbed tee fitting to fit, for the fog to go out and second one to supply compressed air into the bucket through the other end of the copper tubing.
  • The compressed air vaporizes oil and produces a good amount of odorless fog.
  • If the insulation supplying air has more holes, more fog is automatically generated. Hence, the arrangement can be suitably altered to suit your requirement.
  • To lessen the fog, you can cool the solution by pouring some chilled water or ice.
Now you know how homemade fog machines can be made with some easily available materials, that too at a very low cost. So, go ahead and enjoy your Halloween or house party by using these simple methods to obtain the mystical foggy effect.