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High School Science Fair Project Topics

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Mar 24, 2019
Looking for some good topics for your science fair project? Go through the exhaustive list in this post and take your pick.
High school science fairs are often an exhibition of innovation and talent. One can see a range of projects in almost every field of science. The topic ideas for high school science fair projects are often original and diverse in nature.
Innovation and ingenious ways for presenting a known concept in an entirely new way is highly appreciated when it comes to judging science fair projects. There is no dearth of science fair ideas for high school students in diverse fields such as biology, earth science, chemistry, physics, mathematics, behavioral science, etc.
Plenty are available within the catch. You can choose any concept from your favorite subject, and represent it in an interesting way. Understanding the concept thoroughly is of utmost importance to excel in project competition.

Good Science Fair Project Ideas

  • Effect of magnetism on the growth of plants.
  • Effect of light on the rate of growth of microorganisms in food.
  • Effect of cigarette smoke on the growth of plants.
  • Effect of variation in season, time of harvest on the nutritional content of food.
  • Compare the working of organic insect repellent with that of a synthetic insect repellent.
  • Test the effect of different fertilizers on plant growth with respect to the content of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium.
  • Correlation between the size of seed and the rate of seed germination.
  • Effect of colored mulch on the growth of plant.
  • Design the best propeller for wind generators.
  • Explain the difference between LED and incandescent light.
  • Cause and origin of earthquakes.
  • Effect of cooking on the nutrient content of vitamins. Explain with the help of various cooking procedures.
  • Cause and prevention of soil erosion.
  • Find out if there is any difference between the brain size of queen and worker ants.
  • Different types of sleep patterns and their effect on human body.
  • Correlation between rate of evaporation of crystal medium and the final size of crystal.
  • Climatic changes and rising ocean levels.
  • Different ways of harnessing solar energy so that maximum utilization takes place.
  • Design of an effective cosmetic prosthetic device.
  • Benefits and hazards of plant and animal cloning.
  • Physiological changes in body when we get hungry.
  • Effect of farming on biodiversity.
  • Identification of black holes.
  • Is life possible on other planets? What is the mathematical possibility.
  • Is reincarnation possible? Explain with the help of evidence.
  • Is it possible to recreate dinosaurs in real?
  • Is space travel possible in real life?
  • How is it possible to set up a colony on moon.
  • Is it possible to predict a Tsunami? If yes, how?
  • How do you test the intelligence of animals?
  • Why is it not possible to perform carbon dating on objects older than 10,000 years?
  • How do plants affect the growth of other plants in vicinity?
  • How is embalming done?
  • How does the temperature of water affect the hatch rate in mosquitoes?
  • How genetics influences eye, hair color in humans?
  • Is Hollow Earth theory possible?
  • Is it possible to detect the heartbeat of chicken embryo without breaking the shell?
  • Is mold growth rate the same for different types of breads?
The list of topics for science fair projects is never ending. You can refer to the project ideas implemented before and represent them in your way. No matter what topic you choose, just make sure you are thorough with the fundamentals.

Steps to be Taken While Starting a Project

At the start of the project, after selection of the choice you have made, it would be imperative the project you are prepared to take on hasn't been taken on by somebody else from your class. Ask for guidance from your class teacher, because they can caution you from many unpredictable situations.
Your teachers would be in a position to supply with the expectations and the resources you need for your project at hand. Should you feel that the guidance and the advice are not good enough to your conditioning and expectation, you can seek for online mentorship, freeing you from trivial huddles you may face.
Many projects may be alluring, however, try choosing those which are doable with the available resources within your reach. Follow these steps and you would do just fine.