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Good Invention Ideas

Tulika Nair Feb 28, 2019
If you had your own personal battery of scientists, what would you want them to spend their time inventing? In this post, we list four good invention ideas that tops our list of things we want.
There are always things that you would want to be invented. Things that would make everyone's life easier. After all, necessity is the mother of invention. When we need something and do not readily get it from nature, we invent.
All of us have a list of things that we would like to invent if we had the necessary resources and gray cell power for it. What tops your list?  Some of the best invention ideas that the world could use are given in this post.

Cool Invention Ideas

There are many things that we would want invented. Things like something that would ensure that we never put on one ounce of extra fat and even if we do, would allow us to lose all of it without dieting or exercising. Or a device that would allow us to avoid traffic woes and reach our destination by just thinking about it.
Humans beings are greedy and lazy (pun intended). You give them one thing that reduces the effort and they have to put into things, and they will come up with ten other things that they want.
Given here are the top four inventions that we would want in the near (or maybe distant) future. These ideas are original, albeit inspired by television series and movies. Any resemblance to existing inventions is purely coincidental.

Memory Eraser

Okay sure, the wise would say that every experience teaches you something, and everything in life happens for a reason. There are some incidents you just cannot wrap your head around, and you have no idea why they happened to you. All you know is that they occurred, and the memory is going to haunt you for the rest of your life.
And therefore, in walks the memory eraser. All you need to do is point a zapper at your brain, think of the memory you want to erase, and just press a button. And the memory is erased instantly.

Headband Designer

We may not really follow the trends of the ramp, but we love to look good and dress well. Sure, you may ask which woman does not? True enough. Which is why, there is an urgent need for this invention, especially for women whose bank balance never matches the monetary demands of fashion.
A headband that reads the design that you have thought up of in your head, and rearranges the molecules of the clothes you are wearing to create the dress you want. A truly original design every time.

Food Creator

The world population is increasing exponentially, but our ability to increase the resources that we possess, or even efficiently use them, is nowhere near expeditious. There are millions of people all over the world who still cannot afford two square meals a day, which makes it important for us to create a device that will solve the world's problems.
An invention that will allow people to manufacture food out of, well, pretty much nothing. Of course, even magic has failed at this, but since we are talking about things that we would want invented, this one pretty much tops my list. Feed in mud, water, and leaves, and you get edible, delicious food. How simple would that be?

Crime Forecaster

This is inspired by Minority Report. But this would be a great invention for the real world, provided that the functionality is restricted to predicting crimes and nothing else.
Imagine a utopian world wherein a crime would be prevented before it occurs. You do not need to fear walking the streets alone at night or bother about the safety of your house when you take long vacations. A great invention that would probably make a lot of our dreams come true.
These are just some of the many inventions that would probably make our lives simpler and easier. Henry George, American writer and author of Progress and Poverty said, "The march of invention has clothed mankind with powers of which a century ago the boldest imagination could not have dreamed."
This is why you need to remember that while these inventions may seem slightly ludicrous now, they might just be a possibility in the not-so-near future.