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Geopathic Stress - Unraveled

Buzzle Staff Apr 17, 2019
Geopathic stress is used to describe the Earth's negative energies. However, bear in mind that, Earth energies may be positive, negative, and neutral as well. Thus, technically, 'geopathic stress' is said to be the study of the energies of the Earth and their effects on people.

Geopathic Stress - Decoded

'Geo' means 'Earth'. The meaning of 'pathic' seems to be paradoxially conflicting as per subject experts. The term may indicate 'disease' or 'cure for diseases'. It may also indicate perceptions to certain energies, or may be a response to a specific energy.
'Geopathic stress', commonly refers to harmful Earth radiation or negative Earth energy, which is believed to harm the health and well-being of people.

Geopathic Stress in a Nutshell

The Earth functions as an electromagnet, and creates a natural electromagnetic field at its surface. When weak electromagnetic fields are caused due to man-made creations, negative energy is radiated from the Earth's surface.
Geopathic stress is a term used to indicate this negative energy. The electromagnetic radiations emitting from these stress lines are said to severely impair the immune system of the human body.

Schumann Resonance

In 1952, German physicist Winfried Otto Schumann identified the frequency of the Earth's magnetic field to be 7.83Hz. Contrary to popular belief, Schumann resonance is not just this number, but is a collection of electromagnetic resonant frequencies between the surface of the Earth's atmosphere and the denser part of the Earth's ionosphere.
7.83Hz is close to the bottom of the ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) range, which is said to be safe for humans. Schumann Resonance (7.83Hz), the natural resonant frequency of the Earth's magnetic field, is likely to be disturbed due to phenomena such as underground water, geological fault lines, and mineral deposits like coal and iron.

What is Geopathic Stress?

It is believed to harm every living being in its vicinity. The bed placed exactly on top of the intersection of these lines, in the image, indicates that the person is likely to experience the effects of geopathic stress, like fatigue, depression, etc.

Geopathic Stress - In Detail

Though majority of people have come to know of the existence of this term just recently, the belief that geopathic stress lines are harmful has existed since ages. A change in the Earth's energies results in geopathic stress.
When you are present in and around geopathic stress lines, your body vibrates at a higher frequency than the Schumann Resonance (7.83Hz). This measure is supposed to be closest to the range of alpha human brainwaves. Any distortion with this frequency level results in the formation of a stress zone.
Those areas that are tampered with this distortion become geopathic stress lines. Thus, your brain interaction with the other body cells also occurs at a higher frequency than the required safe level. This results in more exposure to negative energies and harmful electromagnetic radiation, consequently weakening the immune system.
Why exactly these energies occur or cause harm is relatively unknown. However, believers have one thing to state with absolute certainty - geopathic stress is very dangerous.
It may severely harm your health, well-being, and prosperity - so much so, that returning to a stress-free life may seem impossible, unless one neutralizes their living area. Different people react differently to geopathic stress, based on their sensitivity.

Causes of Geopathic Stress

~ Geological fault lines
~ Radioactivity
~ Water veins
~ Electromagnetic radiation from electronic appliances
~ High voltage power lines
~ Underground tunnels, mines, and quarries
~ Mineral deposits
~ Foundations of buildings
Irregular stress zones are formed in and around these structures - construction sites, mines, etc. People living in the vicinity of such areas are more vulnerable to geopathic stress.

Signs of Exposure to Geopathic Stress

Chronic fatigue, extreme weakness, and other immunity-related disorders may be indicative of you suffering from geopathic stress. You may have a serious, terminal illness that does not respond to any modern medicine. You may also feel depressed, sad, and anxious. You may sense an unnecessary presence, feel unwelcome, and every negative influence.

Healing with Geopathic Stress

In order to get rid of the negative vibrations around you and in your house, believers suggest several methods that may seem weird to the skeptic eye, but nevertheless, have proved effective in many documented cases.
You need to dowse your home of all the negative energies. Professional dowsers use a method called 'acupuncture of the Earth' - this method involves driving metal rods into certain places on the ground. Certain subject experts have even developed geopathic stress-buster machines.
A more practical method would be to reduce exposure to any kind of electromagnetic radiation, which of course would be very difficult, considering how dependent we are on technology. Nonetheless, it is worth a try, if it helps relieve us of negativity and illnesses.