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11 Funny Invention Ideas That Will Make You Chuckle Hard

Rahul Thadani Feb 18, 2019
Not every Thomas is born to be an Edison, yet some of us just don't seem to let that get in our way. Here's a look at some absolutely outrageous inventions born out of this almost hopeless sense of ambition!
Inventing something requires ingenious ability and innovation. Sadly, this is not a common trait, and there are thousands of funny inventions seen around us. Some are sold commercially, while some never see the light of day; they are all created from the same sense of worthlessness.

Some Really Funny Inventions

If necessity is the mother of all inventions, these creations must surely be orphans! There was absolutely no need to spend resources time creating these heaps of rubbish, but some people sure seemed to have a lot of time on their hands. So while they might not really serve any practical purpose in your life, they surely will get you a good laugh.

Ear Mirror

Someone actually came up with a way to look at the earwax in your ear by using two mirrors attached on a metal rod. Now, this is something that may help you clear out that unwanted wax, but who in their right minds has the free time to create a device to view earwax.

Metal Detecting Sandals

Now unless you're a pirate treading on beaches replete with metallic treasure boxes, you will have no use for this device. Then again, pirates don't wear sandals. Someone actually thought that attaching a metal detector on a sandal is a good idea, and this product surely has to be a part of this list.

Necktie Fan

Some Japanese person came up with the bright idea of a USB-powered necktie fan, to stay cool and refreshed throughout the day. This sounds like an excellent idea, but when you actually see the device, you may want to change your mind. It would be far easier to just take off the necktie instead.

LED Umbrella

For people who like walking in dark alleys when it is raining, there is now a crazy invention with an LED-powered light on the handle of the umbrella, which lights up like a light saber from Star Wars. Apart from the obvious danger of getting electrocuted in the rain, this is very useful a muggers to find their next victim on a dark rainy night.

Toilet Headrest

Tired of the endless wait while you stand and 'relieve yourself' at the urinal? Well, worry no more, 'cos someone decided to come up with the 'ingenious invention' of a toilet headrest! So next time you are busy, you could rest a while on this invention and wonder what stupidity could have driven people to come up with such an invention.

Kick Yourself Apparatus

The crowning glory of a man's life's work is a 'kick yourself apparatus' that can come very handy indeed. All you have to do is bend down and push a button, and you will be bombarded by kicks on your bottom with a mechanical foot wearing a shoe of your choice. Not too sure about anyone else's derrière, but this inventor has just made an utter ass of himself.

Non-contact Thermometer

You may wonder how a device can take someone's temperature without even touching them. Obviously, this was not a question that plagued the mind of the inventor of that very device. Use this device very cautiously though, because of its obvious inaccuracy.

Phone Fingers

Users of the Apple iPhone and other touchscreen phones cried out for a way to not get fingerprints on their smartphones. The answer was one of the most humorous inventions, a glove which covers only one finger at a time. Try walking down the street with these gloves rolled on 2 of your fingers, and you'll realize how worthless they are.

Teenage Repellant

For those who just can't seem to stand all the kids in the alley, this might be just the invention to take care of the 'menace'. This device supposedly transmits an extremely annoying high frequency sound which can be heard only by teenagers, and wards them off. If all else fails, you could always call the trusty Pied Piper to take care of your woes!

Anti-flatulence Underwear

Now this one is aimed at 'curbing your enthusiasm'! Most of us are troubled by people who seem to make 'light air' of the situation. This might just be the perfect Christmas gift to give them. An air tight underwear, with a replaceable charcoal filter, that makes sure that the air around remains fresh and breathable, no matter how enormous the impact be!

Stick Butter

Ever wanted to carry butter along, just in case you wanted to have some toast at work, without making a mess of it? Stick butter is the perfect solution for you. You could now walk straight to your office's supplies and ask for a butter stick and enjoy the taste of freshly toasted bread with butter. You can see butter and eat it too, without the messy hands.
This was just the tip of the iceberg, because if you look around in greater detail, you'll find a number of worthless and funny inventions. There are millions of people who are ready to stoop to unbelievably stupid levels, but sooner or later, one of them might just strike gold.