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Readers don't prefer to read long-form posts. They remember information for a longer time when it is visual rather than textual. Isn't that a reason enough to seek a new format to market your content. Well, this website lets you blog in a new visually appealing and fast-loading content format of AMP Stories.

Powered by Google's AMP technology, these Visual Stories are mobile-focused, search engine-friendly and user-first. Owing to their rich visuals and crisp content, they save a reader from information overload and take user experience to a whole new level. If you want to blog in the stories format, sign up with us and start creating AMP Stories.

Even if you are a beginner, you can write stories as this content format makes things easy. One simple idea is to put together some good photographs of interesting scientific phenomena and write a line or two about each. Your content will wrap itself into a visual story. If you are a professional blogger, leverage visual storytelling to attract more readers and get popular. And if you are a content marketer, creating content in the AMP Stories format is the best means to improve ROI and make your marketing effort worthwhile.