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Absurd and Totally Crazy Inventions That You Never Knew Existed

Abhijit Naik Mar 12, 2019
Necessity, they say, is the mother of all inventions! But what about things that were not necessary, still invented? Such crazy inventions are available in plenty.
Human mind has always been racing to achieve 'more', and in this quest to achieve more, we have come up with some inventions which can be only described as 'crazy'. The credit of coming up with these crazy inventions goes to some of the smartest, or should we say the craziest minds in the world.

Craziest Inventions of the World

When you think about 'thinking out of the box,' how crazy can you get? Here are some examples of how some individuals think out of the box and still manage to come up with some ideas you desperately look forward to.

Pet Washing Machine

In 1998, the duo of Eduardo Segura and Andres Diaz came up with a novel invention―a washing machine for dogs and cats. They claimed that this side-loading pet washing machine was safer than hand-washing―bathing to be precise―your pet.
Interestingly, the owners even had the option of customizing the equipment according to the requirement of their pet's health.

Pigeon Guided Missiles

The Pigeon-guided missiles, introduced as a part of B. F. Skinner's Project Pigeon in 1942, is considered one of the craziest inventions in the military world. As the name suggests, these missiles were guided to enemy targets by pigeons.
The pigeons, which were placed inside the missiles, would steer the missile towards the target by pecking on the screen in front of them. Though the idea was scrapped within two years of its introduction, it is deserving enough to be in this list.

Fiery Burglar Alarm

As an answer to the rising number of carjackings in South Africa, the duo of Charl Fourie and Michelle Wong came up with an automated burglar alarm with an integrated detection circuit and a flamethrower.
The driver just had to press the extra pedal located besides the accelerator in case of an attempted carjacking and flames would flare from both the side doors of the car, thus giving the burglar a lethal blow. Though crazy, this invention became quite popular in South Africa, where the law permitted the use of lethal force for self defense.

Venetian-blind Glasses

More recently, rapper Kanye West's album featured him wearing an improvised version of the Venetian-blind glasses which were invented in 1940s.
These glasses had small blinds over the surface of the lens, which would cast a shadow on the eyes and protect them from scorching sun. Back then, many people thought that the glasses caused inconvenience when worn. Today, however, people are more likely to think they are high on style-quotient, especially West's fans.

Smart Alarm Clock

In more recent times, one of the craziest inventions has been 'Clocky'―the alarm clock invented by a student of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Gauri Nanda.
The clock is programmed to run away from you and hide itself when the alarm goes off. You can snooze the clock once. The second time the alarm goes off, it will just flee and hide itself. Its wheels help it to go away from your reach, which invariably means you have to get up from you cozy bed to stop the alarm.
Among the other crazy inventions, things like rocket belt, illuminated tires, motorized surfboards, and a birdsuit do deserve a mention. It's difficult to determine as to what exactly goes in coming up with such inventions, but then there are people who achieve this feat with ease.
We should thank these inventors for their out-of-the-box inventions. If it were not for these people, the world would not have had been so crazy.