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Cool Math Games for Kids

Shashank Nakate Apr 17, 2019
Here we present some cool math games for kids. Most of these can be played online, and they get the children acquainted to different concepts of mathematics.
The different games available online, could be used as tools in developing the kids' interest in various subjects. This could be done by way of different problems and puzzles, presented in a fun-filled manner.
Sudoku is one such good example. Instead of constantly pushing children for doing their homework, parents should present them with some educational games. This would only do them good.

List of Some Math Games

Children consider mathematics to be a bit boring. Here are few math games for kids which may help develop their interest in the subject. Increasing the brain power is also possible with these games.

Math Fact Practice

This game helps in testing the skills pertaining to addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Math Man

It is an online game in which the character of Math Man has to eat ghosts. The right ghost, i.e., the one with a number that solves the given equation should be eaten.

Quick Math

In this game, the player is presented with an equation. He has to pick a symbol that fits in, and solves the equation.

Match Three

In this brain exercise, the objective of the players is to create a set of three symbols that match with each other. One can swap two symbols at a time by clicking on both of them one by one.

Arithmetic Game

The objective in this brain game is to complete the given equation. Right numbers have to be picked in order to complete the equation.

Algebra Puzzle

In this game, images of different objects are presented in 3x3 tables. Sum of the numbers associated with each object is presented at the bottom, and also at the side. The goal is to identify the value of each object.

Fraction Eaters

The player has to identify equivalent fractions. The arrow keys need to be used for moving, and space bar for eating the equivalent fractions. One has to quickly finish off all of them, in order to avoid the monster.


Here, one has to sort different values presented in a jumbled manner. For example, the player has to group together values such as ½ and 0.5. Same is the case with values such 33.33% and 0.3. In this manner, one should carry out the sorting process.

Algebraic Reasoning

This game requires the player to decide the value of a particular entity (objects presented in pictorial form), using the reference of other values. For example, a diagram with 4 boxes is presented. The addition of these boxes is presented to be 36.
Based on this knowledge, one can find the value of each of the box (which is 9 in this case). On the basis of information about the values, different equations with various other objects can be presented before the player. This game is good for increasing the thinking power.


Math games not only help children in scoring better in their academic life, but also to understand the basic concepts and their relevance in day-to-day life. Logical reasoning abilities and analytical skills get developed in the course of time, and prove to be useful in their future life.
These games should be useful for parents to make their child develop interest in this relatively tough subject. If kids start enjoying the activity of solving puzzles in the form of games, their mathematical skills would gradually develop.