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Buying a Digital Microscope

Poushali Ganguly May 12, 2019
If you are looking forward to buying a digital microscope and do not want to invest wrongly, read on and you will get an idea about what exactly you should look for in it.
With science and technology growing in leaps and bounds, equipment involved in it are providing a good market for business worldwide. Microscopes are important when it comes to scientific experiments, they are used in schools and colleges. Buying a microscope is a significant investment that has to be done by considering every minute detail.
It is important to get a microscope that gives performance, easy to use and would be usable for a long time. Moreover there are so many type and brands that are coming up everyday that it makes the whole process increasingly confusing.
A digital microscope helps to capture very high quality images and video. It also has the advantage that facilitates the viewing of these images on computer using a USB cable. This microscope helps to zoom in on a large variety of objects so that you can satisfy your urge to find out more about the world around you.
The functioning is fairly simple that includes a simple plug and play operation, which includes software that in turn allows you to magnify objects and view them on your PC by zooming up to 200X and also facilitates snapshots and time-lapse movies.
Images can be manipulated with the drawing and painting tools that are usually available in a PC. The microscope comes with a stand that is detachable and allows you to get closer to large object.


It is just the best option for industrial inspections, science education and projects, forensics, printing, textile, printed circuit board inspection, jewelers, hobbyists, tinkerers, crime scene investigation, medical, to identify serial numbers, quality control and assembling the parts. You can achieve high quality images.
It also facilitates a very high resolution. It can magnify to a great extent (1000X) and there are built-in LED's for illumination, which can be switched off and on. They are not heavy and are portable. It is almost like the professional microscopes that are used by forensic experts so now you can very well imagine the extent of its power.

Tips to Buy One

  • When you are buying microscopes, do look for one that is made of metal or a metal alloy because then that would be sturdy and durable.
  • It's better to choose fluorescent lighting over incandescent bulb as the light from the latter tends to kill the small organisms on the slide that you are trying to view.
  • Always choose an eyepiece with the wide field opening of at least 18 mm. The large port in a large field eyepiece will result in less eyestrain than looking through a tiny opening.
  • When you are choosing an eyepiece, choose a binocular eyepiece which would allow you to look at the specimens with both eyes which is better than going for a monocular eyepiece, which only allows you to view it through one eye as it has opening for one eye. Using a binocular eyepiece would give you better focus and lessens eyestrain.
  • Always go for achromatic lens since this type of lens is especially designed for color correctness, which means it would allow you to see all colors of the spectrum through it. Lens that is not achromatic might not allow you to view certain colors when you look through it.

These are few of the guidelines to follow while buying a digital microscope.