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Borax Crystals

Megha Tiwari Jan 26, 2019
Borax is a compound of boron having myriad uses. Creating several shapes out of its crystals is in vogue. Read on to know more.
Borax is a solid structure with flat sides and is symmetrical in shape because of the unique arrangements of the molecules with repeated patterns. The patterns may differ in size, but they have the same shape and structure. There are numerous ways in which you can prepare crystal shapes of borax. Let's get to know some easy-to-do methods.

The Science Behind It All

Hot water is used for making crystals because heated molecules move at greater speed creating space for other molecules to dissolve. The saturation point is attained when the powder stops dissolving in the boiled water. When the solution cools down, the crystals start coming closer and bind with each other leaving no space for other molecules to occupy.
Now, the crystals start forming and building on each other. The extra molecules evaporate because of lack of space to adjust. This eventually leads in the formation of crystals. Some of the most common examples are salt and snow. Salts are cube-shaped and snow crystals have six-sided structures.

How To Grow Sparkling Crystals

For making sparkling types, you need a pipe cleaner, scissors, pencil, string, mason jar, water, and oven mitts. Decide a shape of your choice; a heart, a snowflake or a star or anything else. Make a shape out of the pipe cleaner, and make sure that it fits into the mason jar. In the meantime boil a pan of water.
Now, tie a knot around the shape with one end of the string and tie the other end to the pencil and keep the pencil across the mouth of the jar. The mold should hang freely. Ensure that it touches the bottom of the jar. Adjust the length of the string accordingly.
After this measurement keep the mold aside. Fill three-fourth quarter of the jar with boiled water. Add a teaspoon of borax and stir; repeat the same procedure four times. Observe if the borax has started to settle down. If not, add more quantity until it starts collecting at the bottom.
We use hot water in place of cold because hot water can retain more borax as compared to cold water. Submerge the mold inside the water. As the water cools down, it will start releasing the crystals which will begin to settle down on the mold. Leave the jar undisturbed for almost 24 hours. Keep checking the jar.
First the small crystals will settle down. Simultaneously, they will combine to form a bigger one. Once the mold is all covered with crystals, place it out of the jar. Take out the formed shape out of the mold and hang it to display its beauty.
Borax crystals look amazing when made into decorative pieces like stars for Christmas decoration. To add more brightness, light and life to your room you can use crystals of varied shapes and size. They can even be used to keep children engaged in a creative activity which is not at all harmful, if used with great care.