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Combining Baking Soda and Vinegar

Fatima Rangwala Apr 19, 2019
Read on to know everything about it.
Want to get rid of all the garbage smell that's entering your home from your neighborhood? Or you just cannot stand the foul smell emitting from your refrigerator or cupboards? What is your plan of action? Have you tried using baking soda along with vinegar?
Would you believe it if you were told that all your over-the-top and ridiculously expensive room fresheners, bathtub cleaners, and deodorants can be easily replaced with this down-to-earth combination of baking soda and vinegar and still work wonders?
Vinegar and baking soda are totally inexpensive and common household products which can beat even a sack full of cleaning products in your house. Read on to know how.

About Baking Soda

Not only for cleaning toilets or getting rid of foul smells, baking soda can be used for other activities like removing paint off floors, walls, or any other surfaces, too. This is possible because of its abrasive properties.
All you have to do is mix baking soda with water, create a paste, and utilize it. Besides this, it helps in neutralizing acids while cooking as well. Also, baking soda is an alkali. In case of an injury, sprinkling a pinch of this powder over the wound, would ease the pain.
You could also utilize baking soda on smelly carpets to get rid of its foul smell. Sprinkle the powder overnight on the carpet and brush it or vacuum it the following morning. Your job of carpet cleaning is done!

About Vinegar

There is more to vinegar than just lending flavor to salads and savory dishes. Vinegar is widely known as a glass-cleaning agent. Mixing a quart of water with this substance gives a solution which would clean the glass and make it clear as a crystal! The essence of vinegar is so strong, that it can overpower the smell of fire or cigarette smoke.

The Mixture of the TWO

Since by nature, baking soda is an alkali, and vinegar is an acid - a mild bleaching agent, they annihilate one another. The combination of the two results in carbonic acid- which creates foam.
Carbonic acid is known to disintegrate into carbon dioxide and water. With this foaming effect, these two can be used in a slow drain-cleaning process or for any sort of carpet or upholstery smell removal.

The Chemical Reaction

Baking Soda is (Sodium Bicarbonate): NaHCO3
Vinegar is (Acetic Acid): CH3COOH

Combination of the two is an Acid-Base Chemical Reaction

NaHCO3 + CH3COOH -----> CH3COONa + H2CO3
Here, H2CO3 is the final product known as carbonic acid whose property is to decompose into H2O (water) and CO2 (carbon dioxide).

H2CO3 -----> H2O + CO2

Here, CO2 is the reason why all the foaming takes place.

Experiments you can try with Vinegar and Baking Soda

  1. Erupting Volcano
  2. Bubble Bomb
  3. Chemical Reaction
  4. Rocket Canister
  5. Invisible Ink
  6. Blow Up a Balloon
  7. Exploding Ziploc Bag
All the way from its solo descriptions to its uses to scientific experiments, we hope this information is satisfactory.