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Architectural Drafting and Design

Architecture can be termed as an art of designing buildings. Evolving over a long period of time, many majestic structures have been constructed throughout the world.
Scholasticus K Oct 8, 2018
History of architecture can be traced back to times when man started building shelters for himself. Techniques for different types of constructions, architecture, and civil engineering started evolving as professions when the need for constructing buildings increased.
After a gradual evolution, art of drafting and designing came into being. The disciplines of architecture, civil engineering and construction were hence differentiated.

What is it?

Architecture can be defined as the art of designing the buildings. However, it has a much wider scope and meaning. While making a plan for a building, an architect has to take many things into consideration like the size and purpose of the structure.
While creating a basic design, the mathematical as well as the scientific theories are put to use. Laws of physics related to gravity are also studied and considered to determine whether the structure of the proposed dimensions will stand against the pull of gravitation.

How is it Useful?

This process is used to determine the mass and space of the entire structure. The plan drafted by the architect is usually in the ratio of the actual structure.
For example, many building plans are made in the ratio 1:10. It gives the civil engineer an idea about the structure, who actually executes the plan.
Some of the greatest examples of breakthrough architectural design are the pyramids of Egypt and the Colosseum at Rome. The architects of these mega structures not only made plans on paper but also resorted to making table-sized prototypes of the actual buildings.
Table-sized prototypes are made even today, to determine the break-strength of the structure. The prototype of a building basically indicates the durability, utility and the aesthetics of the proposed plan.

Uses in the Modern Era

In the modern era, considering the current space problems, this process is often used to determine the volume of the building, display its texture and overall get-up. It is also used to ensure if the current design blends with the landscape or not. This process includes the use of effects like light shadow, colors of the building and the program in general.
Modern architects have developed many techniques which determine the estimated cost of the structure. This cost can be calculated while the plan of the building is in its drafting stage. This process is often termed as costing.
Architectural design includes concepts like town planning, urban design, and landscaping. These concepts are used to make the building more compact and aesthetic. They are also used to provide the building with maximum possible facilities.
Nowadays, an independent branch of architectural design known as interior designing has emerged. This branch concentrates on making the interior of the building as aesthetic and comfortable as possible.